Fun at Fuji Speedway

There was an American Car `Festa` held at Fuji Speedway yesterday. Yoshi, his 3 staff and some of his customers (and of course Aiden and I) made the long trip together.

We left Osaka around 6:00pm (11 of us in 4 cars) and finally arrived at our hotel (in Gotemba) around midnight. It was a long trip partly because 9 of us (not me or Aiden) are smokers and need frequent breaks.

The `festa` was pretty good. There were probably about 300-400 American cars from all over Japan on show, including Yoshi`s silver 1971 Camaro, and his mechanic`s blue/green 1969 Camaro.

Here are some of the cars we saw;

There was also a Camaro `parade` which meant that all the Camaro owners were able to line up their cars, and drive around Fuji Speedway race circuit! Yoshi was like a kid in a candy store and loved the lap he was able to drive. Aiden and I were great co-pilots and took some photos of the adventure;

The `festa` was host to some interesting characters of course. I think some people took the `American` car theme a little too far and were dressed in clothes featuring the American flag or 90`s MTV rapper version of American fashion haha!

There were also a group of rocka-billies(?) who entertained the crowd with their twisting dance moves.

We left the Speedway around 5:00pm and got home at 11:00pm. Tired but had a lot of fun, and so nice to spend a bonus day with Yoshi (who never has weekends off!).


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