Crazy news to start the week

You might have heard already, but yesterday in Shinsaibashi (one of Osaka`s busiest and most popular areas) a 36 year old man went mad and stabbed 2 people to death.

2 random people. 2 people just going about their business on a Sunday afternoon.

One of them was on her way to work after going to the gym (she was a 66 year old woman).

The other was a man in Osaka on business (a 42 year old man with 3 kids and a wife back home).

So sad :(

There are photos and videos up all over the internet as the hundreds of other random people in the vicinity (who weren't getting stabbed) took videos while the horror unfolded.

The murderer Kyozo Isohi apparently bought a knife with the intent to kill himself and when he couldn't go through with it, decided that killing other people and getting stuck with the death penalty would be easier.

Sick. Insane. Terrible. There are no words that really describe it. But I am thankful... because that time just 1 week ago, Aiden and I were in that very neighborhood. Just going about our business on a hot and crowded Sunday in Shinsaibashi. 


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