Baby things we love 14m+

Some things we just can't live without here in the fran-japani household!

These things are toys and other belongings that make Aiden`s (and our) life much easier and more fun.


Cow push along cart - I`m Toys

Teepee - Mocka

Board books 

Bead looping toy - Bornelund


Other stuff

Ergo (yes we still use it EVERY day). Aiden naps in it during the afternoon and I walk to and from work with him too.

Tricycle. Aiden is just starting to enjoy this and loves riding to the park this way.

Bike seat. We are using this more and more as the days heat up and the Ergo is just too hot to be lugging a 10kg baby around for more time than I have to.

Mesh fan cover. In an effort to save electricity we use the fan almost all day. Tiny fingers are not a great match for the electric fan blades, so we have a cover. The one I bought came from the 100yen shop! But this one is very similar.

Pigeon tall sippy cup. Because Aiden drinks almost 1.5litres of fluid (mostly water) each day, the small sippy cups just don't cut it. So we love the tall 330ml Pigeon cup!

Although there are countless things that Aiden loves, it would take all day to put them here. I will try to write posts like this more because I love reading them on other people`s blogs!


  1. Looks like they're both into the same kind of stuff at the moment! Little S is also loving an empty parmesan cheese tub and pipe cleaners, an idea I got from Lulu at Cherry blossomad ventures.

    Does that fan cover come with the miffy picture? As much as I love the miffster I'd never buy one like that, it would be like a moth to the flame for the little S! It's the same reason I didn't buy character plug socket covers as I knew that she'd just try to pick them out all day long ><

    1. Yeah all the fan covers I've seen have a character of some kind on them :( I got one with "cars" but thankfully Aiden hasn't noticed it... Too busy doing other bad things ha!

  2. Haha S has been at the fan constantly since we brought it out - obsessed with pushing the buttons :/ I found a plain one in Seiyu, luckily she hasn't tried to take it off yet.


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