14 months old

Today Aiden is 14 months old! Another month has flown by and this month has been one of the most exciting as the list of things Aiden has learned to do (without much help from me!) is one of the longest yet!

His personality is growing too, and he is so independent, strong-willed (stubborn) and determined. He will try for some time to complete a task without any help before asking (pointing and grunting) for assistance. 

One thing which seems to entertain Aiden is putting objects inside other objects. It doesn't matter if they are unrelated, but I will see him putting the remote control into a half-drunk glass of water, my keys into the laundry basket, his socks into the hole on the front of the speaker, his sippy cup behind the dehumidifier... if I don't watch him carefully I`ll never be able to find where he puts them!

This month some of his new achievements are...

Opening doors (inside the house) by himself.

Climbing stairs (indoors and outdoors). There are 16 steps between the 1st and 2nd floor of the house we live and he can walk up the entire flight (of course I am a few millimeters behind him at all times!!).

Clapping (this one happened late with Aiden - guess he was too busy doing things with his legs!!)

Hugging and kissing us without prompting - this is super cute!

Walking outside in the park.

Bringing books to me, sitting down in my lap and waiting to be read to (love this).

Taking off his own clothes (so far he has managed socks, shoes and his top!)

Eating everything! Although his faves are still the same; noodles (udon, spaghetti), bread, tofu, gold kiwifruit, strawberries! 

Sleeping for longer periods!! Yippee!

At this rate, Aiden will be running around faster than me before long! I have to really remember to treasure all the little moments because my little baby is growing up VERY fast :)


  1. Happy 14 months to Aiden! I've been reading your blog awhile now and love hearing about Aiden's progress because my little one is just two months younger. Thought it was time I said hello :)

    1. Hi Danielle! Thanks for reading (and commenting). It sure is an exciting and busy time for us (and our little ones) around 1 year old. I am so glad that I have been blogging about Aiden`s milestones... It will be nice to look back on them someday (when I have forgotten how cute he used to be!!)

  2. Does he try to put his clothes on too! Little S seems to know where everything is supposed to go but she's nowhere near able to get any of them on yet ;)

    1. YES!! It's the cutest thing ever :) he kind of waves his socks over his feet or lifts his teeshirt over to the back of his head and drops it... General idea but not there yet!


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