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A scarf 14 ways

If you are anything like me and buy scarves because they are beautiful and then get home and never use/wear them because they never look good just wrapped around your neck... Here are some great ideas I found on Pinterest!

Baby things we love 14m+

Some things we just can't live without here in the fran-japani household!

These things are toys and other belongings that make Aiden`s (and our) life much easier and more fun.


Cow push along cart - I`m Toys

Teepee - Mocka

Board books 

Bead looping toy - Bornelund




Other stuff

Ergo (yes we still use it EVERY day). Aiden naps in it during the afternoon and I walk to and from work with him too.

Tricycle. Aiden is just starting to enjoy this and loves riding to the park this way.

Bike seat. We are using this more and more as the days heat up and the Ergo is just too hot to be lugging a 10kg baby around for more time than I have to.

Mesh fan cover. In an effort to save electricity we use the fan almost all day. Tiny fingers are not a great match for the electric fan blades, so we have a cover. The one I bought came from the 100yen shop! But this one is very similar.

Restaurants we have been to lately

Since we haven't done anything exciting recently, I thought I would update you on some yummy things we have eaten.

And if you live (or one day find yourself) in Osaka you could take my word that these are some good places to eat.

Yesterday we went to a Korean restaurant named Chanchi on the 8th floor of the Yodobashi camera building in Umeda. Yoshi and I had a `course` dinner which was a bit more than we usually pay for dinner, but there was SO much food and it was really delicious. 

Aiden had the kids plate which included a juice, a big bowl of udon and 5 little rice balls wrapped in korean seaweed. It was only 550yen! For anyone with kids, there are 2 options on the kids menu, and they also have highchairs.

Last Thursday we ate at the Night & Day Restaurant in the Hankyu International Hotel in Umeda. Yoshi wanted to eat buffet style (because we couldn't make up our minds on what kind of food we wanted to eat), and found this one online.

It was also a bit pricey but a real cha…

Thanks Yahoo weather... not

What an uninspiring weather forecast for the coming week.


At least it isn't cold. I guess.

Nothing news worthy

Whats new with you all? Nothing at all has been happening here, so I have been in an un-bloggy mood...

Work is ok (I`m working 2 hours a day 4 days a week, and I can bring Aiden with me which is great!). Although it is a kind of job-share situation, it is a bit hard to take time off, which is a bummer. The great thing about not working is that I was free to take holidays with Yoshi whenever he was off.

I have been doing a bit of shopping!

Here is what I have bought in the last month or so...

Some espadrilles (Soludos Espadrilles ソルドスエスパドリーユ)! So comfy and very reasonably priced. I got them online here (from Rakuten Japan).

Some parachute pants for Aiden. I got two pairs actually. One from Etsy and one from Akasugu

The first have a cute black and white house design and are handmade by Maddy and Buster. They are a little big so I`ll have to wait for Aiden to grow into them.

The second are called サルエル (Sarouel/Saruel?) pants and are green with a blue pocket on the back. I stole a picture of t…

Japan`s new Foreigners` Registration Card

Information on the new Foreigners` Registration Card - taken from GaijinPot Japan. Discussed during the week on the JPOD, (Japan Today’s official podcast) was the new foreigners’ registration cards in Japan. Hosted by Kamasami Kong, special guests include NPR radio host and journalist John Matthews, Japan Today editor Chris Betros, Tokyo Comedy Store’s Bob Werley, resident adventurer, John Adams and Steve Burson, president of H&R Group, who gave the details on the new registration cards. According to Steve Burson, since Japan has made changes to the immigration law in the country, a new resident card will be released for foreigners starting July 9, 2012. He explains that foreign residents are given three years to change on to the new resident card. When asked about the differences between the old card and the new one, Burson said that the new cards will still look like the old one, but with less information. New arrivals with a valid medium- or long-term visa will receive a reside…

Crazy news to start the week

You might have heard already, but yesterday in Shinsaibashi (one of Osaka`s busiest and most popular areas) a 36 year old man went mad and stabbed 2 people to death.

2 random people. 2 people just going about their business on a Sunday afternoon.

One of them was on her way to work after going to the gym (she was a 66 year old woman).

The other was a man in Osaka on business (a 42 year old man with 3 kids and a wife back home).

So sad :(

There are photos and videos up all over the internet as the hundreds of other random people in the vicinity (who weren't getting stabbed) took videos while the horror unfolded.

The murderer Kyozo Isohi apparently bought a knife with the intent to kill himself and when he couldn't go through with it, decided that killing other people and getting stuck with the death penalty would be easier.

Sick. Insane. Terrible. There are no words that really describe it. But I am thankful... because that time just 1 week ago, Aiden and I were in that very neighborho…

Draw Something is...

Image addictive!
If you haven't jumped on the bandwagon yet, and you don't have a lot of free time on your hands... Don't download it!
Thanks to everyone who signed up to play against me (my username is fran-japani if you want to join) and sorry that I am such a useless artist! My people are all stick figures and all animals are made up of circles with 4 legs! 
Oh well, its fun, and a good time-waster when Aiden is napping on me and I can't do anything else!
Check out some of the amazing art that OTHER people do on `draw something`...

*All images downloaded from the internet.

New leggings

New leggings from American Apparel... 

I haven't been shopping there in like... ever, but was pleasantly surprised. Have you ever seen their online store? Sorry but much of it it resembles a porn magazine. Luckily the real store wasn't anything like that, and I managed to save 500yen from the online price, what`s with that?

Sorry about the unmade bed in the background! ha! What a great housewife I am :)

p.s. The ones in the picture online look really high waisted and seem to have a wide waistband. Mine are not, and do not. They seem to look more like the US kids ones? I wonder if the sizing is different here in Japan. It would pay to try them on before buying just in case!

* here is the picture from the online store.

14 months old

Today Aiden is 14 months old! Another month has flown by and this month has been one of the most exciting as the list of things Aiden has learned to do (without much help from me!) is one of the longest yet!

His personality is growing too, and he is so independent, strong-willed (stubborn) and determined. He will try for some time to complete a task without any help before asking (pointing and grunting) for assistance. 

One thing which seems to entertain Aiden is putting objects inside other objects. It doesn't matter if they are unrelated, but I will see him putting the remote control into a half-drunk glass of water, my keys into the laundry basket, his socks into the hole on the front of the speaker, his sippy cup behind the dehumidifier... if I don't watch him carefully I`ll never be able to find where he puts them!

This month some of his new achievements are...

Opening doors (inside the house) by himself.

Climbing stairs (indoors and outdoors). There are 16 steps between the 1…

Fun at Fuji Speedway

There was an American Car `Festa` held at Fuji Speedway yesterday. Yoshi, his 3 staff and some of his customers (and of course Aiden and I) made the long trip together.

We left Osaka around 6:00pm (11 of us in 4 cars) and finally arrived at our hotel (in Gotemba) around midnight. It was a long trip partly because 9 of us (not me or Aiden) are smokers and need frequent breaks.

The `festa` was pretty good. There were probably about 300-400 American cars from all over Japan on show, including Yoshi`s silver 1971 Camaro, and his mechanic`s blue/green 1969 Camaro.

Here are some of the cars we saw;