3 Days in Seoul

We arrived in Seoul around midday on May 2nd and took a taxi to our hotel (it cost around 90,000won = 6,000yen for the almost 1 hour trip).

Our hotel was situated about 40 minutes from Myeongdong (main shopping area of Seoul) by taxi and was really nice. It was called the Riviera and seemed to be popular with Japanese tourists and business men.

Our room was on the 12th floor and had a nice view of the surrounding city area.

On the first day we took a taxi to Myeongdong and walked around the shops. We enjoyed some big fruit smoothies and bought some souvenirs for Yoshi`s nieces and nephews from H&M (which doesn't have a kids section in Osaka).

That night, after a delicious Yakiniku dinner, we met up with a friend of Yoshi`s (she is Korean but lived in Canada for many years and speaks English perfectly) in Dongdaemun. She showed us around the night markets (some shopping malls are open 24hours and have an amazing selection of clothes at really cheap prices!) I bought a teeshirt for myself, and one for Aiden too.

The next morning we went to Butterfinger Pancakes for breakfast where I enjoyed a huge mango and raspberry smoothie and some blueberry pancakes. YUM!

We went to a small shopping mall near Lotte World, a big mall called COEX and walked around the posh area known as Garosugil. I bought a top from Zara and some snail essence face packs for my friends! Aiden enjoyed walking around the malls and had fun showing off in front of the locals! In the evening we went back to Myeongdong for dinner (bibimbap and other Korean delicacies).

On our last day we started the day with Starbucks and then took a taxi to the Gimpo airport where we did some last minute souvenir shopping (lots of Korean nori for Yoshi`s family!).

We left Seoul around 4pm on the 4th and got back to Japan a few hours later. It was a very chaotic and exhausting trip - Aiden is teething so hardly slept, and we walked around more than we have in ages!! But lots of fun and great to spend so much time with Yoshi!!


  1. OMG, the food looks so good!

  2. right? think I gained 3 kilos in 3 days! But it was totally worth it ;)


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