Life update

Ooooh bad me I haven't blogged all week! It's been busy here and I've worked some extra shifts so no time to sit at the computer! It's a good thing I suppose!

What's new with us??

The biggest news is that I night-weaned Aiden on the 12th (Mothers day). I was exhausted, grumpy, stressed, frazzled and taking most of my frustrations out on Yoshi, so I just decided; I wouldn't offer Aiden any more milk!

The first few nights were rough as nursing was the quick fix to soothe him back to sleep when he woke, but he soon realized that hugs and songs were all he was going to get, and is now sleeping longer stretches than before!!!!! It isn't all night but it is a vast improvement! Yippee :)

Aiden is walking 100% of the time now (no crawling at all) and his balance and coordination is much improved! He especially likes walking with his daddy ...

In other news, I didn't get any pressies for Mothers Day (boo) but Aiden slept 5 hours in a row, the longest he has EVER slept... the longest we have both slept in 13 months! It was a good day :)

I did buy myself a wee present (to celebrate my second Mothers Day and the end of Aiden and my nursing relationship)... It is a small initial necklace (A for Aiden) that I bought here, on Etsy.

Hope you guys are all good!!


  1. Awww...your son is so cute:) and luv the necklace u bought for Mother's day:)

    1. Thanks for your comment! I love the necklace too. So simple but so nice!

  2. What a great Mother's day. Pics are so lovely.It was my first mother's day too, it never even occurred to me to buy a gift for myself for all my hard work and devotion I deserve it. Thanks for the shopping inspiration.o.o/*

    1. Congrats on your first mothers day!! It is special isn't it? But if no one remembers to tell you how special you are it is a bit lonely! Hope you did something nice to celebrate :)

  3. Necklace is super cute! and congraz that he slept long! I hope it's gonna get longer and longer.
    I can not wait to receive crappy(actually it's awesome) drawing she will do at kindergarten and bring it back to our house, so I can have it on a fridge and look at it and laugh :)
    Happy Mother's Day to you!


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