I am so glad he won!

So if you are a fan of American Idol (which I am not really, but watch from time to time if there is someone decent enough to watch), you will know that the winner has been crowned. Stop reading if you haven't watched the final yet!

The winner of this season was singer/songwriter Phillip Phillips, and I am so glad. He didn't win because of his model good looks (but he does have an adorable smile!) or his cool dance moves, he didn`t win because he sang along to some of the top 10 pop songs of the year, but I think he won because he has talent! Amazing! 

He has an incredible voice, and loves to sing and write rock songs (which I love to listen to).

Check out this song he sang with John Fogerty (from CCR)... Bad Moon Rising (one of my favorites)! 

I dare you not to smile or sing along ;)


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