Gel nails in Osaka

As you may know, I used to have gel nails (on my fingers) quite a lot before Aiden was born. It is now impossible because I don't have any time alone to go to the salon.

But yesterday I went to my old salon to get gel applied to my toe-nails for the first time. Because I could sit in a reclining chair to have it done, I could hold Aiden (in the Ergo) for the 45 minutes it took to complete. He wasn't too happy about sitting still during the appointment, but I had my iPod handy to play his favorite songs and videos.

I went to Speed Nail, a famous (and very reasonably priced) salon with several branches through Osaka and Kobe. The salon I went to is on the 4th floor above Zara in Shinsaibashi, very convenient.

With a fear of making appointments over the phone in Japanese, I made my reservation through the well-known magazine Hot Pepper which has an online reservation system, AND coupons for cheaper treatments. The salon did call me to confirm my appointment, so I didn't avoid the telephone completely!!

I chose to have just one color (a metallic blue) on my toe-nails, and with the coupon, it cost 4,000yen.

It was nice to be pampered a little, and now I don't have to worry about chipped toe-nail polish for a couple of months!


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