Children`s Day

As you may know, Japan has a lavish ceremony surrounding Girls Day in March. It is called Hina Matsuri (lit. Dolls festival) and there is even special food you should make/eat on the day. 

How about Boys Day? I hear you ask... because I asked my MIL the same question.

There is no Boys Day (anymore) but a Childrens Day, Kodomo no hi, to celebrate ALL children on May 5th.

If you have a huge flagpole in your garden, you should hang Koinobori (carp shaped flags) to represent the members of your family, with a huge daddy fish at the top and smaller mummy and children fish below.

Some families pay respect to the old Boys Day (called Tangu no sekku 端午の節句) and put up very expensive and extravagant samurai dolls (Kintaro)/helmets (Kabuto) in their homes.

On Childrens Day, there is some special food that is eaten...

Namagashi (生菓子) - see the helmet shaped sweet in the middle?

Kashiwamochi (柏餅)

This is Aiden`s second Children`s day, but because we still live at MIL`s house, we haven't bought him any special decorations (no room!!). I am sure we will celebrate properly when we have our own place!


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