Birthday boy!

Happy Birthday Yoshi!!

Today is Yoshi`s birthday but he has to work, so we celebrated yesterday. I told him that it was `his day` and he could do anything he wanted to. It was the 7th time we have celebrated his birthday together!

I gave him his presents yesterday too, a teeshirt from one of his favorite brands (G Star Raw) and 2 teeshirts from Design store Graniph (I bought them online here). I also put some of his favorite snacks, and some nice pictures of Yoshi and Aiden in there too :)

He spent the morning working on his car, and then when he came home around 1pm, we went out to lunch at an American style diner in Fukushima (near Umeda here in Osaka). It`s name is T`s Star Diner, and it was the first time we had been there.

I had an avocado cheeseburger, and Yoshi had a burger too. It was delicious, and a good way to start the day! After that, we drove to Nakanoshima where we played with Aiden and ran around on the grass for an hour or so. 

We went to Costco in the afternoon to pick up some baby necessities, and then out for dinner at one of Yoshi`s favorite restaurants Outback Steakhouse in Umeda. I had pasta and Yoshi had BBQ chicken. Aiden even managed to charm his way into some free ice-cream! 

It was a great day, I hope Yoshi enjoyed himself too!

p.s. Aiden`s shirt is Ralph Lauren, shorts are Kmart, shoes are Native, and cute ball is from Doubleday in Namba Parks.


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