13 months old

I considered whether to continue the monthly updates for Aiden or not... but as he seems to still be growing and changing so much, it is a nice way to document what is happening.

As the baby books note, a 13 month old is a trying toddler! Aiden too is unpredictable, giggling and cuddling with us one minute, then throwing tantrums, running away in a crowded shop or chewing on the electrical cords the next! He doesn't see people as living things with feelings, but rather as objects for him to explore... hence the bite marks on my arm and the chunks of hair missing from my head!

He is also hard to please at meal times. Some days he will eat anything we put in front of him (including the nicely mashed up baby food prepared especially), but other days he won't eat anything but bread and noodles (and throw every thing else on the floor). Instead of throwing away the uneaten food, I have put it back in the fridge and given him a chance to eat it at another time, which he usually does.

His top teeth (3 of them) started coming through this month... very slowly. They first appeared as bruised swollen lumps about 4 weeks ago and are just now starting to poke through the skin. Teething seems particularly rough on Aiden and is disrupting his sleep completely.

He isn't saying any words yet, although he has referred to the remote control (called `remo-con` in Japanese) as a `con-con` several times which was very cute!!

He is getting much more interested in books!! Great! He especially loves the touch and feel type (with thick card pages) and instead of trying to rip out the pages like he used to - he will flip the pages!

Sleep? He still wakes almost every 2 hours during the night, and naps for around an hour once (sometimes twice) a day. He can't fall asleep on his own, so sleeps in the Ergo or in the car seat when we are on the move (and nurses to sleep at night).

I have completely weaned him from b-feeding from 9am to 9pm, but he still likes to nurse at night, and for the simple reason that it gets him back to sleep faster than other methods, I haven't stopped yet.

He is a bit clingy and doesn't like to be away from me (especially with men) which is proving a little difficult now that I am back working part time, but he is getting used to the female teacher who watches him while I work (in a separate room - but he can still hear my voice). 

So those few hours a week when I work are the only times when Aiden and I are apart (and even then it is just a few metres). It is tough... I feel as though I haven't had 5 minutes to myself since he was born... even when we are sleeping he is right next to me (or on me) in bed. 

His little personality is growing every day and he is so much fun (when in a good mood - much like me I suppose)!

Love love love you little man xx


  1. Happy 13 month!
    I'm sure you've tried everything to put him to sleep and stuff, but I really do think the best way is to let him cry in his room until he gets tired and falls asleep. Might be tough for mom and dad to hear him crying, but then he will have habit that no one is coming to help or the feeling of someone right next to you.
    Hope he sleeps good and make you relax!
    Mine is alright still...phew... so many ppl tell me YONAKI will start around 6 month, but so far she sleeps 10h straight. Plus nap in a morning about an hour and 2h in the afternoon. If she is a girl who doesn't sleep, probably I've lost all my hairs by now!!!
    Dim the lights. Read the book. Night night kiss and that's it!!
    Hope it works for you!!!


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