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Gel nails in Osaka

As you may know, I used to have gel nails (on my fingers) quite a lot before Aiden was born. It is now impossible because I don't have any time alone to go to the salon.

But yesterday I went to my old salon to get gel applied to my toe-nails for the first time. Because I could sit in a reclining chair to have it done, I could hold Aiden (in the Ergo) for the 45 minutes it took to complete. He wasn't too happy about sitting still during the appointment, but I had my iPod handy to play his favorite songs and videos.

I went to Speed Nail, a famous (and very reasonably priced) salon with several branches through Osaka and Kobe. The salon I went to is on the 4th floor above Zara in Shinsaibashi, very convenient.

With a fear of making appointments over the phone in Japanese, I made my reservation through the well-known magazine Hot Pepper which has an online reservation system, AND coupons for cheaper treatments. The salon did call me to confirm my appointment, so I didn't avoid th…

I am so glad he won!

So if you are a fan of American Idol (which I am not really, but watch from time to time if there is someone decent enough to watch), you will know that the winner has been crowned. Stop reading if you haven't watched the final yet!

The winner of this season was singer/songwriter Phillip Phillips, and I am so glad. He didn't win because of his model good looks (but he does have an adorable smile!) or his cool dance moves, he didn`t win because he sang along to some of the top 10 pop songs of the year, but I think he won because he has talent! Amazing! 

He has an incredible voice, and loves to sing and write rock songs (which I love to listen to).

Check out this song he sang with John Fogerty (from CCR)... Bad Moon Rising (one of my favorites)! 

I dare you not to smile or sing along ;)

Birthday boy!

Happy Birthday Yoshi!!

Today is Yoshi`s birthday but he has to work, so we celebrated yesterday. I told him that it was `his day` and he could do anything he wanted to. It was the 7th time we have celebrated his birthday together!

I gave him his presents yesterday too, a teeshirt from one of his favorite brands (G Star Raw) and 2 teeshirts from Design store Graniph (I bought them online here). I also put some of his favorite snacks, and some nice pictures of Yoshi and Aiden in there too :)

He spent the morning working on his car, and then when he came home around 1pm, we went out to lunch at an American style diner in Fukushima (near Umeda here in Osaka). It`s name is T`s Star Diner, and it was the first time we had been there.

I had an avocado cheeseburger, and Yoshi had a burger too. It was delicious, and a good way to start the day! After that, we drove to Nakanoshima where we played with Aiden and ran around on the grass for an hour or so. 

We went to Costco in the afternoon to pick up…

The annular solar eclipse

At about 7:30am this morning, an annular solar eclipse (when the moon crosses in front of the sun and leaves a `ring` visible from earth) could be seen from many parts of Japan. 

There were images on the news of old people, babies, salarymen, even pets wearing the funny eclipse glasses and standing in the streets all over the country!

Did you see it? I didn't!! Hahaha I was asleep and forgot all about it till I woke up and heard ALL the details from Yoshis mother. Oooops.

Here are some great pics I found though.. Enjoy!

Yomiuri Shinbun


Asahi Shinbun

Life update

Ooooh bad me I haven't blogged all week! It's been busy here and I've worked some extra shifts so no time to sit at the computer! It's a good thing I suppose!

What's new with us??

The biggest news is that I night-weaned Aiden on the 12th (Mothers day). I was exhausted, grumpy, stressed, frazzled and taking most of my frustrations out on Yoshi, so I just decided; I wouldn't offer Aiden any more milk!

The first few nights were rough as nursing was the quick fix to soothe him back to sleep when he woke, but he soon realized that hugs and songs were all he was going to get, and is now sleeping longer stretches than before!!!!! It isn't all night but it is a vast improvement! Yippee :)

Aiden is walking 100% of the time now (no crawling at all) and his balance and coordination is much improved! He especially likes walking with his daddy ...

In other news, I didn't get any pressies for Mothers Day (boo) but Aiden slept 5 hours in a row, the longest he has EVER slep…

Yummy black sesame flavored soy milk

I found this at the supermarket today and it is faaaaantastic!
(Black sesame flavored soy milk).

I was already a big fan of the black sesame and soy smoothie (豆乳黒ゴマバナナジュース) from the Vie de France bakeries around Osaka, but this supermarket discovery is 1/3 of the price!!

Highly recommended!

Being Aiden`s mother

Happy Mothers Day to all you yummy mummies!!!!

It is my second mothers day and I feel a bit sentimental (it might just be the exhaustion though... who really knows?)! I got the idea for this post from one of my favorite blogs to read... Nat the fat Rat. She wrote about what it meant to be Henry (her son)`s mother, and I thought it was so sweet.

So here goes.

Being Aiden`s mother means knowing when he is grumpy and just wants to chill out in the Ergo until he gets tired enough to go to sleep. It means knowing that process may take hours, and hours and hours!

Being Aiden`s mother means knowing when he will (and won`t) eat baby food. Some days he just prefers to eat what the adults are eating.. or play with what they are eating!

Being Aiden`s mother means knowing that strawberries are his absolute favorite food in the whole world, and anyone who thinks they can finish their own bowl of strawberries with Aiden around is sorely mistaken! It also means watching him carefully because he tends to …

Two great lives

This week 2 very inspirational people passed away.

The first had a hand in shaping my teenage years as my friends and I danced and drank ourselves stupid to the tunes of the incredibly talented Beastie Boys.

Adam Yauch was an amazing musician and devoted daddy... he will be missed by millions!
The second had a hand in shaping my childhood and will definitely also be present in Aiden`s too. The man who famously said “Kids don’t know about best sellers. They go for what they enjoy. They aren’t star chasers and they don’t suck up. It’s why I like them.”

Maurice Sendak wrote many incredible stories (the most famous probably being Where the wild things are) and claimed to always tell the truth. He believed that children are much stronger than we give them credit for and that they should never be lied to. Advice worth listening to?

13 months old

I considered whether to continue the monthly updates for Aiden or not... but as he seems to still be growing and changing so much, it is a nice way to document what is happening.

As the baby books note, a 13 month old is a trying toddler! Aiden too is unpredictable, giggling and cuddling with us one minute, then throwing tantrums, running away in a crowded shop or chewing on the electrical cords the next! He doesn't see people as living things with feelings, but rather as objects for him to explore... hence the bite marks on my arm and the chunks of hair missing from my head!

He is also hard to please at meal times. Some days he will eat anything we put in front of him (including the nicely mashed up baby food prepared especially), but other days he won't eat anything but bread and noodles (and throw every thing else on the floor). Instead of throwing away the uneaten food, I have put it back in the fridge and given him a chance to eat it at another time, which he usually does.


3 Days in Seoul

We arrived in Seoul around midday on May 2nd and took a taxi to our hotel (it cost around 90,000won = 6,000yen for the almost 1 hour trip).
Our hotel was situated about 40 minutes from Myeongdong (main shopping area of Seoul) by taxi and was really nice. It was called the Riviera and seemed to be popular with Japanese tourists and business men.
Our room was on the 12th floor and had a nice view of the surrounding city area.

On the first day we took a taxi to Myeongdong and walked around the shops. We enjoyed some big fruit smoothies and bought some souvenirs for Yoshi`s nieces and nephews from H&M (which doesn't have a kids section in Osaka).

That night, after a delicious Yakiniku dinner, we met up with a friend of Yoshi`s (she is Korean but lived in Canada for many years and speaks English perfectly) in Dongdaemun. She showed us around the night markets (some shopping malls are open 24hours and have an amazing selection of clothes at really cheap prices!) I bought a teeshirt for …

Children`s Day

As you may know, Japan has a lavish ceremony surrounding Girls Day in March. It is called Hina Matsuri (lit. Dolls festival) and there is even special food you should make/eat on the day. 

How about Boys Day? I hear you ask... because I asked my MIL the same question.

There is no Boys Day (anymore) but a Childrens Day, Kodomo no hi, to celebrate ALL children on May 5th.

If you have a huge flagpole in your garden, you should hang Koinobori (carp shaped flags) to represent the members of your family, with a huge daddy fish at the top and smaller mummy and children fish below.

Some families pay respect to the old Boys Day (called Tangu no sekku 端午の節句) and put up very expensive and extravagant samurai dolls (Kintaro)/helmets (Kabuto) in their homes.

On Childrens Day, there is some special food that is eaten...

Namagashi (生菓子) - see the helmet shaped sweet in the middle?

Kashiwamochi (柏餅)

This is Aiden`s second Children`s day, but because we still live at MIL`s house, we haven't bought him any…