What is in a name?

Since living in Japan, I have become interested in finding products and shops named after me and my family (well not really named after us, but products which feature our names).

Do you do that too?

One of the first products I came across was the フラン Fran snack/chocolate sticks (made by Meiji). They are kind of like the more luxurious version of Pocky and are quite yummy.

These Fran sticks also take the www.fran.jp domain!

Fran (the nickname of Frandle Scarlett) is a 495 year old character in the Touhou Project game, 

Fran is also a character in Final Fantasy,

a brand of cigarettes,

and Franc Franc (pronounced Fran Fran) is a popular store throughout Japan.

I found the イブ Eve (my sister`s name) painkillers early on,

but recently came across a beauty salon, pet shop and a comic which feature her name too!

The www.eve.co.jp domain is an underwear maker! 

There is a ポール Paul (my dad`s name) bakery in Osaka, 

And www.paul.co.jp is a curry and wine shop!

As for Aiden?
There is an electronics chain store with the same name (エイデン).

How about you? What stores and products have you found with your name??

*This is not a sponsored post. 


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