Teepee fun

I am soooo happy that I finally got the teepee for Aiden (and me!!)

He loves it and I think it makes a nice cosy addition to our room. I put the mattress from his crib (never used) and two big cushions inside the teepee, as well as 2 huge cuddly soft toys (a sheep and a character from Moomin) to make a nice soft landing when Aiden crashes around in there.

He often goes in by himself and rolls around giggling, or sometimes he waits in the doorway (of the tent) for me to chase him into the corners and tickle him. Either way it is guaranteed to make him laugh so hard - perfect!

I ordered the teepee online from Mocka in NZ and had it sent to my mother`s house (they ship free within NZ but don't ship internationally). She removed the poles and sent the canvas pieces to me in Japan. I bought 5 poles (1.8m in length) and assembled the teepee here.

In my research on teepees I did come across an Australian company (with very kind staff) that was willing to ship their teepees internationally, Banana J Creations. It just worked out easier for me to buy from NZ.

* This is not a sponsored post, I paid for my own teepee!


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