My birthday

On April 2nd I became another year older and had such a lovely day.

On my last birthday Aiden was still in my belly (but getting far too big for his surroundings and I wondered if we would share the same birthday!) and ended up arriving just 6 days later!

I spent the afternoon with my good friend K and her gorgeous baby and was treated to a yummy lunch at Butterfly cafe in Namba. yum yum :)

I was given flowers and a basket of delicious goodies too, so spoilt!!!!

I used the money from my mum to buy a dress from Zara

and from my dad to buy a dress and top from Modcloth:

My sister sent some cute clothes from New Zealand and some of my favorite chocolate and cookies too!

Yoshi asked me what I wanted and yesterday we went out to buy a new bag! I have a huge `mamas-bag` and a small handbag but nothing in-between to take out when Aiden and I visit friends and I don't lug the stroller with me.

Lucky lucky me!

Thanks everyone who made my day so special.


  1. Such an amazing girl deserves even more but seriously I think your sis won with those cookies!!


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