The maxi skirt

SO, it looks like the maxi skirt is the item to have (in Japan anyway) this spring/summer.

But how to wear a maxi skirt and not look like a frumpy school teacher/grandma?

Here are some tips from Refinery 29...

go casual on top (love this look!!)

get creative and turn a tank dress, another skirt, or a one-piece bathing suit into a top

go for volume on top and bottom (not sure about this one unless you are a runway model and stick thin like the girl in the picture)

go for something cropped on top if you have a high waisted skirt (not if you are showing any more skin than this please)

try color blocking (nice if done well...)

layer over sheer skirts (yes please!)

How about you? Will you be jumping on the maxi skirt bandwagon this spring/summer?


  1. nope! it would not suit my shape, i think, and hte j-girls are teaming the long net skirts with frilly ankle socks. maybe i should try it... as my last in Japan!


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