The first birthday party!

Phew! This week has been crazy busy as I started my new part time job and also made preparations for Aiden (and his cousin Mone)`s first birthday party. It was Aiden`s 1st birthday on April 8th and it is Mone`s 1st birthday on the 18th, so we celebrated together.

We held the party at Yoshi`s big brother`s house (right next door) and the guests were... Yoshi`s mum, big brother (and his wife, 2 sons and daughter - Mone), big sister (and her husband and their 2 daughters), little brother (and his wife and son), and a family friend.

I was in charge of decorations and made...

A paper flag banner (using origami paper, cellotape and string)

A balloon garland (using balloons and string)

A Happy Birthday banner (I bought from the 100yen shop)

A DIY piñata (using a paper lantern and lots of origami paper, string, cellotape). I got my inspiration from this one... 

but used colorful paper...

2 birthday posters (I made them on the computer, printed them out, and stuck them to card)

I also bought lots of animal themed party goods (napkins, paper plates, paper cups etc)

Most of the party food came from Costco and included a huge cake, chicken, sushi, lasagna, salad, beef and mini quiches. Yum yum!

My party outfit was my new Modcloth dress and a pair of turquoise tights(カラータイツ). I was way more dressed up than anyone else, but it was a rare chance for me to wear something other than jeans, so I didn't care at all!

Aiden`s party outfit was this cute ONE teeshirt I bought from this Etsy store and pants I got from Akasugu.

Aiden got LOTS of presents from his Japanese family, so I will add them to the previous post about presents.

Unfortunately because I was so busy taking care of Aiden, I didn't get any pictures from the party... How do other mums manage this?? I hope one of Yoshi`s brothers got some nice ones!!

Great fun party :)


  1. What a fab party you put together for Aiden! Love that pinata.

    I have that Modcloth dress in two colours, love the waist!


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