A family resemblance

I came across this photo of Yoshi from when he was about 1 year old, and two photos of me from 10-11 months old.

... baby Yoshi

 ... chubby baby Fran

and Aiden...

Aiden looks so much like both of us. Those cheeks!! Definitely all mine!! haha

What do you think?


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  2. Wow! your baby and your husband are almost same face !!! so similar !
    Is he one- year old ? Which area you live in Osaka? I was born in Osaka. The city is very fun, and I think you enjoy living there:)

    1. We live in Higashi Osaka about 20 minutes from Namba by train. Thanks for your comment Yuki, sometimes I think he looks like my husband and sometimes like me!! Some people think Aiden looks like MY dad!!


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