Aiden`s 1st photo shoot

Yoshi`s SIL and I decided that it would be a nice idea to commemorate Aiden and Mone`s (Aiden`s cousin just 10 days younger) first birthdays with a family portrait shoot.

She found a nice studio (which takes really simple, natural photos) and we had the photos taken at the end of March. The prints and data just came through this week... Check out some of the results;

Despite Aiden being sick with the flu (and a crying grumpy mess throughout the whole photo shoot), the photographer did manage to get some nice pics!


  1. Oh my god how much does Mone look like Kanata?!

    I love these - Aiden is so photogenic! As are you, my darling - the one of you smiling down at his and the naked one of you both are GORGEOUS! you know I want to steal them for the Mothers Book right!? Hope to see you soon xxx

  2. the 5th one down is beautiful ♥

  3. Very cute!! Aiden is so lucky to have a cousin so close in age!!!

  4. Love, love, love them all x


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