1 year old!!

1 year old!!!
Happy birthday Aiden

From this...

To this...
in the blink of an eye!!!!!

Some of his newest achievements include; 

-offering and sharing his food with us

-waving `bye`, pointing at things, and using his hands in more controlled ways


-standing unaided

-squatting and kneeling

-attending his first wedding (Yoshi`s cousin got married and we attended the reception party)

-and generally still being cute (most of the time!)

His play has changed too and he has found new ways to play with his old toys. He is much more interactive when playing and enjoys taking things out of their containers and putting them back (sometimes in strange places)!

He is becoming more affectionate and sometimes breaks from play to come and give me a hug. He understands `kiss` and opens his mouth and leans in when prompted. It is adorable!

Here is the personalized card I got from Moonpig (mentioned a few posts back)...

And here are a couple of the presents we bought for our little angel... after all, you only turn 1 once!

TeePee (by Mocka)

4-in-1 Trike (by Radio Flyer)

Happy birthday little dude.

You have turned my world upside down in the best possible way, and I couldn't possibly imagine life without you and your infectious smiles and giggles.

Here`s hoping the next year is as wonderful as this one was!

Love from mummy xx


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