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Aiden`s 1st photo shoot

Yoshi`s SIL and I decided that it would be a nice idea to commemorate Aiden and Mone`s (Aiden`s cousin just 10 days younger) first birthdays with a family portrait shoot.

She found a nice studio (which takes really simple, natural photos) and we had the photos taken at the end of March. The prints and data just came through this week... Check out some of the results;

Despite Aiden being sick with the flu (and a crying grumpy mess throughout the whole photo shoot), the photographer did manage to get some nice pics!

Golden Week 2012

The week doesn't look very Golden here in Osaka... a chance of rain EVERY day :(

So I am glad we are going to the land of kimchi!!! Yes, we are headed to Seoul Korea for 2 nights (3days) for a short Golden Week getaway!

Yippee!! Can`t wait to get out of MILs house just for a quick breather, a bit of shopping and some fabulous Korean food. Do you think I can convince Yoshi to watch Aiden for an hour while I get a massage???

What are your plans for Golden week?

New bicycle child seat and helmet

Getting around in Osaka by bicycle is pretty convenient. Despite the fact that a lot of people travel by bike and sidewalks can be a bit congested with pedestrians and cyclists, there are lots of parking spots for cycles and the roads are nice and flat (most of the time).

I got a seat for the back of my bike (because front mounted seats only carry babies until the age of 2, and back ones hold children until 22kg!) and Yoshi assembled it on Thursday.

Aiden got a helmet as a birthday present and seemed pretty happy to wear it and pose for the pics!!

*This is not a sponsored post, I paid for the seat and helmet!

*My skirt and top are from Zara, and ballet flats from H&M, Aiden`s onesie is from H&M and pants are from Cody Coby.

*Oh, before anyone posts and asks why I am not wearing a helmet... I didn't actually ride anywhere... and helmets are NOT required by law in Japan.

A family resemblance

I came across this photo of Yoshi from when he was about 1 year old, and two photos of me from 10-11 months old.

... baby Yoshi
 ... chubby baby Fran
and Aiden...

Aiden looks so much like both of us. Those cheeks!! Definitely all mine!! haha
What do you think?

Teepee fun

I am soooo happy that I finally got the teepee for Aiden (and me!!)

He loves it and I think it makes a nice cosy addition to our room. I put the mattress from his crib (never used) and two big cushions inside the teepee, as well as 2 huge cuddly soft toys (a sheep and a character from Moomin) to make a nice soft landing when Aiden crashes around in there.

He often goes in by himself and rolls around giggling, or sometimes he waits in the doorway (of the tent) for me to chase him into the corners and tickle him. Either way it is guaranteed to make him laugh so hard - perfect!

I ordered the teepee online from Mocka in NZ and had it sent to my mother`s house (they ship free within NZ but don't ship internationally). She removed the poles and sent the canvas pieces to me in Japan. I bought 5 poles (1.8m in length) and assembled the teepee here.

In my research on teepees I did come across an Australian company (with very kind staff) that was willing to ship their teepees internationally, B…

The maxi skirt

SO, it looks like the maxi skirt is the item to have (in Japan anyway) this spring/summer.

But how to wear a maxi skirt and not look like a frumpy school teacher/grandma?

Here are some tips from Refinery 29...

go casual on top (love this look!!)

get creative and turn a tank dress, another skirt, or a one-piece bathing suit into a top

go for volume on top and bottom (not sure about this one unless you are a runway model and stick thin like the girl in the picture)

go for something cropped on top if you have a high waisted skirt (not if you are showing any more skin than this please)

try color blocking (nice if done well...)

layer over sheer skirts (yes please!)

How about you? Will you be jumping on the maxi skirt bandwagon this spring/summer?

The many faces of Aiden

I just uploaded the latest batch of photos from my iPod... and realized that Aiden has become a lot more expressive over the last few weeks, look at all his funny facial expressions...

My Mia update

My Clarisonic Mia arrived on Tuesday, and I charged it for 24 hours as directed. I used it for the first time on Wednesday night, and although I wasn't blown away by the results, it definitely gave my skin a deep clean and allowed my moisturizer to soak in really well after cleansing (as promised).

I can't say for sure that it is a miracle product (after having used it only twice), but my skin does feel a lot softer.
I hope that the other benefits mentioned on the webpage also start to show - decrease in fine lines, improvement in skin texture, reduction in oily/dry patches and blemishes, and smaller pores.
I will try to update my progress with the Mia again in the future, and hope I have some great results to show!
p.s. I should probably let you know where I got my Mia... I bought it through Amazon Japan, at this site. It came with both the normal and sensitive brush heads, the magnetic charger and 3 sets of Derpharm cleanser/moisturizer samples (デルファーマ お肌のお悩み別お試しセット). It did not…

What is in a name?

Since living in Japan, I have become interested in finding products and shops named after me and my family (well not really named after us, but products which feature our names).

Do you do that too?

One of the first products I came across was the フラン Fran snack/chocolate sticks (made by Meiji). They are kind of like the more luxurious version of Pocky and are quite yummy.

These Fran sticks also take the domain!

Fran (the nickname of Frandle Scarlett) is a 495 year old character in the Touhou Project game, 

Fran is also a character in Final Fantasy,

a brand of cigarettes,

and Franc Franc (pronounced Fran Fran) is a popular store throughout Japan.

I found the イブ Eve (my sister`s name) painkillers early on,

but recently came across a beauty salon, pet shop and a comic which feature her name too!

The domain is an underwear maker! 
There is a ポール Paul (my dad`s name) bakery in Osaka, 

And is a curry and wine shop!

As for Aiden?
There is an electronics chain store…