RSV and the air purifier

So the runny nose and husky voice that Aiden has been battling for almost 3 weeks peaked on Monday with the addition of a 39.2 degree fever and a nasty cough. The doctor (a new one, a pediatrician) told us that it was not influenza and sent us home with cold medicine (4 different kinds).

The medicine didn't work and we took Aiden back on Thursday and asked if it might be RSV (aka Human respiratory syncytial virus) because his cousin had it last week. A swab inside Aiden's nose came back positive for RSV and now we have the right medicine (5 kinds) so hope things clear up from here.

He was still awake every hour last night and had a 38.5 degree fever around 2am which I remedied with the bum bullet (amazing invention)!!

In other (not completely unrelated) news, Yoshi's mother asked me what I would like for my birthday. Since Yoshi's birthday is in May we decided to get a joint present - 空気清浄機 (a kuukiseijouki) - an air purifier!!

We got this one at LAVI1 (on sale from 39,900yen to 26,900yen and Yoshi used his Osaka-ben negotiation skills to knock off another 2,900yen) and I'm sure I can feel the difference already :)

Let's hope it does what it promises and kills all future viruses on impact; and stop my little bub from getting any more nasty "colds".


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