My first attempt at Cake Pops

I was looking for a cute party food idea for Aiden`s upcoming first birthday and decided to try cake pops. They seem to be the `new cupcake` with posts on blogs all over the world (served at birthdays, baby showers and even weddings!).

Basically a cake pop is mashed-up cake and frosting covered with chocolate and presented on a stick!

Here are some incredible examples I found in my search...

I made a batch this morning and here is how they turned out... not too bad considering I had a baby on my back (literally - in the ergo) wiggling around.

I used Cream cheese (instead of the over sweet frosting) to combine with cake crumbs and form balls, and Bamboo sticks (instead of lollipop sticks and only 100yen for 200!)

yum yum :)


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