Happy me

So, some good news...

We got a new bed!! Until now, we (me, hub and bub) were all sleeping together in a semi-double bed. For those of you who don't know, that measures about 120cm across (kind of in-between a single and a double sized bed). Not fun!

We went to IKEA here in Osaka and found the cutest queen sized bed on sale (50% off), and a good spring mattress too. It was delivered this week.

Because the bed is big, we had no space for the sofa... which doesn't matter, because since I`ve lived here, we have never sat on it, not even once.

We moved the sofa into storage, and to use the space left over from the sofa... I bought... wait for it... a teepee!!!!! yippee!!!!

My dream (mentioned here) came true. It is currently enroute from NZ and I will post pics as soon as I can. 

In the meantime, here is a before/after pic with our lovely new bed.


  1. yay for getting what you deserve!!!!xxx

  2. I feel for you! We have a semi double bed and Shun, Shion & I sleep in it most nights. Shion will often stay in his bed til 2-3am but often is in with us before then. We will get a queen when we move next month. FINALLY!

    Catching up on a couple of your posts now- I can`t believe the nurse gave you some formula and told you to mix it in his food. WTF? It is not like he is underweight or anything? Weird!

    Shion has formula now {since I weaned him late December} because I figured I should wait til he reached at least 1 in adjusted age {so based on his original due date that was March 6th} but still have some left over so will use it up and move him to gyunyu. He drinks gyunyu as well anyway. Kid loves his milk. I have never mixed it in his food though...what is the point? WOuldn`t it mean that they are then not tasting the actual taste of the food?!

  3. I got that same one Fran! Love a good Ikea sale :) Mine is in dark brown wood instead of the white. It fits three (plus my dog) just nicely! Enjoy!


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