The 10 month checkup

Last Wednesday we took Aiden to the hospital for his 10 month checkup. He became 11 months old on Thursday so we cut it pretty fine!!

This was only the 3rd time he has had a checkup after the mandatory 1 month (at the hospital he was born) and 4 month (at the ward office) checks. This time we went to the local hospital (where we have been going for his immunizations).

It started with us having to fill in a form with questions about his development. Can he crawl? Pick up small objects? Pull himself to stand? Say "mamamama" or "papapapa"?

Once arriving at the hospital we handed over the completed form and his boshi techo (baby handbook) and waited our turn. While we waited a woman in a green lab coat (not a nurse - I guess was a saleswoman of some kind) approached me and asked about Aiden`s nutrition. I told her that he ate 3 meals a day and nursed 7-10 times every 24 hours. She asked if I gave him `follow-up formula`, and when I said no she gave me a free sample. I told her that he didn't like formula, and she told me I could mix the powder into his food. Pushy much??

As usual the check was conducted by one doctor and a handful of nurses who seemed to be getting in each others way most of the time. Aiden`s height and weight were measured (74.2cm / 9.5kg) and his vitals checked. The doctor had Aiden sit up, crawl and stand up on the bed and then it was all over. He asked if we had any questions and I asked about the sleep problems.

- he can't fall asleep on his own
- he fights sleep until he is past the point of exhaustion
- he wakes like clockwork through the night
... etc

The doctor`s answer... `shouganai` (theres nothing you can do about it). He said some babies are just wired that way and Aiden would eventually outgrow it. Otherwise Aiden is perfectly healthy and right on track developmentally.

He then told me to stop breastfeeding when Aiden turned 1... random.

And we were free to go home.


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