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RSV and the air purifier

So the runny nose and husky voice that Aiden has been battling for almost 3 weeks peaked on Monday with the addition of a 39.2 degree fever and a nasty cough. The doctor (a new one, a pediatrician) told us that it was not influenza and sent us home with cold medicine (4 different kinds).

The medicine didn't work and we took Aiden back on Thursday and asked if it might be RSV (aka Human respiratory syncytial virus) because his cousin had it last week. A swab inside Aiden's nose came back positive for RSV and now we have the right medicine (5 kinds) so hope things clear up from here.

He was still awake every hour last night and had a 38.5 degree fever around 2am which I remedied with the bum bullet (amazing invention)!!

In other (not completely unrelated) news, Yoshi's mother asked me what I would like for my birthday. Since Yoshi's birthday is in May we decided to get a joint present - 空気清浄機 (a kuukiseijouki) - an air purifier!!

We got this one at LAVI1 (on sale from 39,90…

Early birthday present

Instead of the usual "bit of money into your bank account" from mum, I ordered a dress online from Zara. It arrived this morning...

Look at the gorgeous colors...

I love it and can't wait for the weather to warm up a bit!!

Looks a bit different from the one on the model, but they always do, right?

Happy early birthday to me!!
(image from


This week my dad sent some birthday gifts for Aiden and enclosed the cutest card; the front featured a picture of Winnie The Pooh and a photo of Aiden!! 

- like this one...

He ordered a personalised card from so I wanted to share it with you because they ship to Japan!! (as well as most other countries).

There are so many cute designs to choose from so I ordered one for Aiden and one for his little cousin Mone's first birthdays. You can customize the words and pictures and have the card sent back to you, or directly to the recipient.

*This is not a sponsored post, all opinions are my own.

Morphed into reality?

Last year when I was about 30 weeks pregnant I tried out this funny thing called "Morph Me" where you can upload your photo and your partner's photo and find out what your future offspring will look like. I wrote about it here and you can see the picture I got...

What do you think? A year or so later I took a picture of Aiden...

There is a slight resemblance, don't you think?

Life lately

Sorry I haven't been blogging so much lately. I guess I have been busy, or preoccupied. Why?

1. New Job !
I will start working part time from the middle of April. There is a little family-run English school / day-care about 10 minutes walk from my house whose owners heard about me from Yoshi`s sister-in-law and offered me some work. The best part is that I can take Aiden with me and he can sit in (hmmm?) on the lessons or play in the play room.

2. Birthday !
Aiden will turn 1 on April 8th and I am busy planning his birthday celebrations and buying presents. His little cousin Mone (10 days younger) will also turn 1 in April and we will have a joint birthday party for the two of them, and the rest of the family (Yoshi`s mum, brothers and sister and all their kids). I am in charge of decorations, and each of us will bring a plate of food. 

3. Snotty baby.
Aiden has a kind of cold - again. I am sure it is the 100th time he has had a runny nose this year, and there doesn't seem to be any…


Minutes that is...

I told you about this neat little app I have on my iPod called Versaries that lets you know important things like how many minutes it has been since you were born, how many hours since you got married etc.

Tonight, at 10:10pm my little Aiden will be 500,000 minutes old!!

Cool huh?

Love Minti baby pants

These are definitely a favorite of mine. They go with all of his tops and are so stretchy and comfy. The cute little faces on the knees are an adorable added bonus! Well worth the price :)


(Minti Baby Happy Face Comfy Pants in grey)

* This was not a sponsored post. All opinions are my own.

Happy me

So, some good news...

We got a new bed!! Until now, we (me, hub and bub) were all sleeping together in a semi-double bed. For those of you who don't know, that measures about 120cm across (kind of in-between a single and a double sized bed). Not fun!

We went to IKEA here in Osaka and found the cutest queen sized bed on sale (50% off), and a good spring mattress too. It was delivered this week.

Because the bed is big, we had no space for the sofa... which doesn't matter, because since I`ve lived here, we have never sat on it, not even once.

We moved the sofa into storage, and to use the space left over from the sofa... I bought... wait for it... a teepee!!!!! yippee!!!!

My dream (mentioned here) came true. It is currently enroute from NZ and I will post pics as soon as I can. 

In the meantime, here is a before/after pic with our lovely new bed.

My first attempt at Cake Pops

I was looking for a cute party food idea for Aiden`s upcoming first birthday and decided to try cake pops. They seem to be the `new cupcake` with posts on blogs all over the world (served at birthdays, baby showers and even weddings!).

Basically a cake pop is mashed-up cake and frosting covered with chocolate and presented on a stick!

Here are some incredible examples I found in my search...

I made a batch this morning and here is how they turned out... not too bad considering I had a baby on my back (literally - in the ergo) wiggling around.

I used Cream cheese (instead of the over sweet frosting) to combine with cake crumbs and form balls, and Bamboo sticks (instead of lollipop sticks and only 100yen for 200!)

yum yum :)


Today marks the 1 year anniversary of the huge earthquake and tsunami that caused so much loss and devastation throughout this beautiful country.

Although so much has been done to help the people of the Tohoku region repair their lives, there is still a lot still to be done.

がんばれ日本!(Ganbare Nippon!)

Please keep the people of Japan in your hearts and prayers today!

The 10 month checkup

Last Wednesday we took Aiden to the hospital for his 10 month checkup. He became 11 months old on Thursday so we cut it pretty fine!!

This was only the 3rd time he has had a checkup after the mandatory 1 month (at the hospital he was born) and 4 month (at the ward office) checks. This time we went to the local hospital (where we have been going for his immunizations).

It started with us having to fill in a form with questions about his development. Can he crawl? Pick up small objects? Pull himself to stand? Say "mamamama" or "papapapa"?

Once arriving at the hospital we handed over the completed form and his boshi techo (baby handbook) and waited our turn. While we waited a woman in a green lab coat (not a nurse - I guess was a saleswoman of some kind) approached me and asked about Aiden`s nutrition. I told her that he ate 3 meals a day and nursed 7-10 times every 24 hours. She asked if I gave him `follow-up formula`, and when I said no she gave me a free sample. I tol…

11 months old

Yesterday (Thursday) Aiden became 11 months old!
Happy month-day Aiden!!!!
Oh so old...  one month left of `babyhood` before moving onto `toddler`!
He is doing really well and even took his first unaided steps this month.. very shaky and not much confidence, but he loves pushing his walker around the room to practice.

It was another month of firsts...
First illness (roseola), with a temperature of 40.2 degrees I hope this was a first and last;
First Valentines day;

And generally tons of cuteness;

Still no improvement in the sleep department but... won't dwell on that now.

Love you little one xx

The children of 3/11

It is long, but well worth a watch...

BBCドキュメンタリー「津波の子供たち」"Japan's children of the tsunami " 3.11

Amber teething necklace

Lots of people have been asking me where we got Aiden`s necklace...

It`s called an amber teething necklace and we bought it here, there are lots of other merchants on Etsy too, so check them out.

*What is the necklace supposed to do?
Amber is a natural analgesic and is a traditional European remedy for teething discomfort. When amber is worn on the skin, the warmth of the skin releases trace amounts of healing oils on the skin, helping babies and young children stay calmer and more relaxed during teething. Amber is also recognized for its anti-inflammatory properties and benefits to the skin and is known to help diaper rash too. Succinic acid is the most beneficial component of the amber.

Girls Day

Yesterday (March 3rd) was Girls Day (Hina Matsuri) here in Japan. Young girls are celebrated during this festival with dolls, special food and gorgeous traditions. You can read all about Hina Matsuri on wikipedia and here or here in articles I wrote previously.

Aiden`s cousin Mone (just 10 days younger than him) had her first Girls Day yesterday, so we spent time with her and her family.

Here are some pics from yesterday.

Sleeping with the enemy

So I had been trying to work towards night-weaning Aiden... slowly increasing the time between night feeds. We had gotten to around 4-5 hours between feeds (he was still waking up every 2-3 hours but would go back to sleep after a drink of tea and a bit of back-patting and shh-ing). But in the last 3 days something has changed and he screams every time he wakes up... screams until I give him what he wants... more boob.

I have to come to think that nothing I do will change the path that Aiden us clearly driving us along. Sleep training was a disaster so he now sleeps with us, he isn't ready to sleep on his own and seems to sleep more soundly not just next to me but in the crook of my arm or on my shoulder... and it doesn't seem like I will be getting any sleep any time soon.

Late last night (or early this morning) when I was awake and googling "10 month sleep", or was it "10 month growth spurt"? or "10 month feeding every 2 hours"? or something like…