Valentine's day in Japan

I've written about this in previous years (here and here) so won't go into great detail but Valentine's day in Japan is weird.

Girls buy or make chocolates, cakes and cookies for ALL the men in their lives; lovers, husbands, co-workers and family members!! Stores go into over-drive with red heart shaped decorations and department store basements (the food floor) swarm with women trying to find the perfectly priced and perfectly presented gifts.
Women don't get anything in return until March 14th (White day) when men are supposed to give a gift valued at 3x the price of the gift they received on Valentine's day.

As Aiden was sick this week I couldn't leave the house to buy either gifts or ingredients to make gifts before the 14th, but managed to get out today and do a bit of shopping. First stop was Godiva; because the packaging is gorgeous and the chocolate is delicious... But they had already changed over all their signs and stock to reflect the upcoming "White day" so I could hardly give everyone pink, flowery chocolates, and moved on.

I ended up buying choccies and cake from Markt a lovely store in the basement of Kintetsu department store in Namba. This time I bought giri-choco gifts for Yoshi's brothers, nephews and brother-in-law which set me back around 5,000yen.

In return I was also able to share the gifts that Yoshi received, and have over-indulged in chocolate, strawberry and sponge mini cakes, teddy-bear shaped chocolates, and caramel covered chiffon cake with whipped cream, and we are only about half way through the pile!! Wow :)

Happy belated Valentine's day!!!


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