Put it in the (anti-aging) textbook

If you watch japanese television you will know how many weird and wonderful programs they broadcast here. Most shows are purely for entertainment (especially here in Kansai), and most feature `comedians`, `talent` and `idols` to draw in viewers. Recently a huge percentage of shows also feature food!

One show that I watch during dinner time is entitled Kyoukasho ni nosetai (`Lets put it in the textbook`) and each episode strange and unusual and interesting facts are presented... things that the producers feel that we (the viewers) need to know.

Tonight, amongst other things, a 55 year old woman taught us some anti-aging massage and stretching techniques which I wanted to pass on to you guys - mainly for the reason that she looked no more than 40 years old... so something she is doing must be working!!

Even if you don't speak Japanese, you should be able to follow this instruction video pretty easily... make sure you use the thumb of your right hand to massage the inside of your left cheek, and the thumb of your left hand to massage the inside of your right cheek. Start at the back of your mouth and work your way forward, rubbing up and down 8 times. Do it 3 times on each side, once a day.

The arm stretches which follow are designed to help stretch out your shoulders and to reduce wrinkles on your neck!

If you like the show, they also have a Facebook page if you want a recap of each episode!


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