The Inglesina Fast

It isn't a diet, although that was the first thing I thought of when I saw the word `fast` hehe.

I finally got round to spending our department store vouchers (a present when Aiden was born) yesterday at Namba`s Kintetsu Department Store.

I chose this, the Inglesina Fast (made in Italy), because although we have a great Ikea high chair, it is really inconvenient in a japanese house, where the dining table is only about 30cm off the ground (we sit on the floor). So now, when I eat breakfast, lunch and dinner, Aiden can sit right next to me at the table!

It is really a cute color and design, and holds babies from 5 months - 36 months (or 15kg). It is portable and folds flat (and comes with a carry case), so we can take it in the car when we go out to restaurants. It was a wee bit expensive (8,400yen), but because I used our vouchers it was free - lucky!!

If you are in Japan you can buy them through the japanese web shop - here, or at various locations in store.


  1. We've got one of these instead of a high-chair and it's been great! A locally-made version in a very ordinary slate-grey ;) Xx Bet he is already in it and loving being at your table - More food to grab at :)

  2. Cute! We had a similar one for our kids- until the day Domba tipped the entire table over by dancing! She was only 12 kg but big enough to sit in a chair by then.


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