The evil toppatsu

Since having a baby in Japan I have heard mention of the evil illness "toppatsu" many times. My sister-in-law (who lives next door and has a daughter 10 days younger than Aiden) said that all babies get it, most before their first birthday and basically it sucks. At the time I put it in my dictionary and came up with a word like "suddenly", and honestly didn't think much of it again.

Then last week, SIL's baby came down with a high fever that lasted 3 days which was followed by a red rash which also lasted about 3 days. She (the baby) was in a terrible mood, cried all day and night, and basically was no fun to be around. This, I heard, was the dreaded 'toppatsu'. So I googled it and translated it again and this time I learned that toppatsu is "roseola".

And now, Aiden has it too.

There is no medicine to treat roseola but you can give babies medicine for some of the symptoms; the fever especially. It is also very hard to diagnose because it presents with a fever only, which comes in waves and disappears and reappears several times during the first 3-4 days. So the doctor told us that Aiden's fever (which fluctuated between 38 and 40 degrees) could be the result of a cold or the flu, or it might be roseola. He gave us medicine; antibiotics and the fever-reducing "bum-bullet" and sent us home.

Aiden's fever started on Saturday night, peaked at 39.5 degrees around midnight and went back down to 36.9 degrees on Sunday afternoon. That night it went up again and peaked Monday morning at 40.2 degrees. It was down to 38 degrees on Monday night and by Tuesday morning it was back to normal.

And now, he is covered head to toe in an icky red rash. It isn't itchy thank goodness, but doesn't look very pleasant either.

He has never been this clingy; I think I've only left his side three times in the last 2 days (to pee) and each time have had to leave him lying red faced and screaming his little heart out. The rest of the time he has been in my arms, in the ergo or on my lap and he hasn't been like this... ever!! When he is well he likes to nap on me most days, but once he wakes up he doesn't want to spend much time close to me at all, so this has been nice in a way; but I do miss my independent, headstrong, hilarious, genki little boy.

Luckily, the rash is the final stage of toppatsu, so we are almost done :)


  1. hi,
    toppatsu does mean sudden occurance but that is toppatsu sei hosshin! i think i spelt it right
    Fukuoka gaijin housewife x

  2. Oh He already did toppatu! I'm scared of that too!! Everyone is keep telling me about it and Kayla is now 8 months, so I should be ready for it, but you can't not really tell if it's just a toppatsu fever or fever from flu....SCAAAAARYYYY....


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