2012 Nengajo Lucky Numbers

Otoshidama Tsuki Nenga Hagaki (お年玉付き年賀はがき)

Have you checked your nengajo for your chance to win prizes? Each nengajo (new years` card) in Japan is printed with a unique 6-digit code on the bottom right corner. Check those numbers against these...

1st prize - 030625
2nd prize - 071658 and 153787 and 675457
3rd prize - **2511 (any code with these final 4 digits)
4th prize - ****27 and ****44 (any code with these final 2 digits).

The first prize includes a choice of some great things including a TV, travel and home appliances!

Have you won a prize?

Take your nengajo to your local post office to claim it.

Good luck!!

p.s. I won a sheet of stamps - woohoo!


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