10 months old!

Happy 10 months Aiden!!

I can`t believe that Aiden is 10 months old today. Time is passing so quickly and it seems like every day he is growing up in some way. He is becoming so cheeky and funny, even more independent, physically adventurous and just fun to be around. 

He still doesn't like sleeping, which is really tough on me, but I feel some relief hearing from other mums that their super-active babies didn't sleep much when they were young either... but that things DO get better!

What can he do now?

He is still cruising around the furniture, and although he has taken mini-steps, and lunges towards things (or between things), he hasn`t tried walking on his own yet.

He can stand up unassisted for 10-15 seconds, or until he realizes that he isn't holding onto anything and panics! He can squat and kneel which is very cute :)

He is babbling much more than before, and now that his two bottom teeth have come through, he is playing with his tongue more, and making some kinds of razzing noises. He says `mama` a lot although I`m sure he has no idea what it means... he usually says it when he is angry!

His crawling is very fast, and I have to be super aware not to leave the bedroom door open or he will be out in a flash!

His coordination is improving and he can even pick up specks of dust or fluff from the ground - another reason to vacuum more often!!

He is enjoying many more kinds of food, tastes and textures and especially loves strawberries and white bread. He eats pretty much the same thing each day, baby yogurt and a 1/4 of my raisin bagel for breakfast; a pouch of baby food mixed with some white rice for lunch; and a pouch of baby food with white rice for dinner. We love the Beanstalk pouches (レトルト食品) which are often on special for around 87yen and so convenient. 

He really is amazing (as are all babies) and I am really looking forward to the next couple of months and watching him learn to walk :)


  1. happy ten months Aiden!! Can't believe he is going to be one soon. Where did that year go!! Hope he starts sleeping better for you soon.

  2. Aiden is so adorable! Nice book choice too, we have the same one!


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