Have you heard of this iPhone / iPod application?

Versaries counts little anniversaries in your life which is really neat, not only to celebrate with others, but to remind yourself that every day is special in its own little way.

Yesterday was 1 and 1/2 years since Yoshi and I got married! Yay :)

And on March 21st this year, Aiden will become 500,000 minutes old!

Here is Apple`s description of the app...

Experience time in unexpected ways with the Versaries™ app. Versaries Interactive Time Machine will uncover once-in-a-lifetime special occasions that would otherwise go unnoticed. Versary™ Milestones happen all around us – whether it's the 1 Billionth Second since you were born, the exact moment when you have been married longer than you were single, or a milestone moment until your retirement - the Versaries app lets you discover Versary Milestones worth celebrating.

It sure is cute, and best of all? It is free!


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