MT Japan

MT is an abbreviation of Masking Tape (hmmm how exciting I hear you say) and is one of the latest `trends` in Japan. They even have a Facebook page.

A famous masking tape producer here listened to customer`s voices (especially the females) who asked why masking tape couldn't be more kawaii (cute), and started producing a line of cute tape.

It has become a multi billion yen side business!

This is some of the tape they produce...

And it is used for decorating, wrapping, scrapbooking, collaging and much more. It peels off easily and can be written on, making it more versatile than regular cello-tape.

You can buy it in lots of different stores (like LOFT, BIC camera, Tokyu Hands...) or online in stores like Amazon jp.

They cost around 500yen for a pack of 3 or around 2,000yen for a pack of 20.

Have fun :)


  1. I've banned myself from buying tape. I know it would just turn into a full-on obsession! I like to buy cute parcel tape from the 100 yen shop though to embarrass everyone back home when a parcel with 100% CUTIE GIRL LIKE CAKE AND FRIENDS! and kawaii pandas etc plops through the door ;)


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