Life back in Japan

We (Aiden and I) got back to chilly Japan last Wednesday and have been pretty busy unpacking and settling back into life. Aiden`s first tooth is about 3mm through his bottom gum, and looks to be causing him less stress than before... Time will tell if tooth #2 is as rough on the poor wee guy.

Last Thursday Aiden, Yoshi and I went to Ishikiri shrine for Hatsumode (the year`s first shrine visit). Ishikiri is our `local` shrine, and it is really beautiful, it is also famous for its powers in healing tumors and boils. 

We threw our coins, prayed, and took our omikuji (fortune slips) for the new year. Yoshi`s fortune was really lucky, Aiden`s was quite lucky, and mine was a little lucky. Not too bad I suppose. Aiden and I tied our fortune slips alongside others for better luck.

We went to our first `Mama and baby yoga` class on Monday which was fun. There was only one other mama and baby team, so it was a very personalized lesson! The other baby was about 5 months old and didn't enjoy herself at all. She screamed the whole time making her mum rather stressed and the teacher had to speak much louder to make herself heard...  not very conducive to a relaxing yoga environment, but Aiden had a blast! haha :)

As for our biggest drama of late? Sleep. Yeah, I know you are all sick of hearing about it, but things are still the same. Aiden goes down around 9pm (falls asleep during his last feed of the day) and sleeps for an hour or two before waking up again.

I am trying to cut down on night-time nursing and stop it completely by his 10th month, so am sticking to my guns and not feeding him any more than once every 3 hours at present. If he seems thirsty I will offer him baby o-cha (tea) and try to soothe him back to sleep with shh-ing and back patting. In a week, I will try to cut it down to once every 4 hours... and so on

Last night he woke up at 10:30pm (when Yoshi came home), 12:30, somewhere around 2:00am, 3:30am and 7:00am. Not bad considering some of the nights we have had recently!!

I am also working on daytime naps because Aiden will only nap in the Ergo, or in my arms (or in the car seat when we are out with Yoshi). I put a small mattress on the floor and will lay down with him until he falls asleep, then try to sneak away and have some time to do housework etc. It has had mixed results so far, because he has some kind of sensor - when I try to get up he feels the weight/temperature change and wakes up.

In other (and much happier) news, my great friend K had her first baby - a girl - on January 14th! I have only seen her in photos so far but she is gorgeous and I am bursting with excitement to meet her in person someday really soon. CONGRATS K :)


  1. With regard the sleeping on the futon, I am an expert at avoiding dakko and getting the baby to lie down. its kind of easier to see how to do it in the flesh, so if you fancy, pop over to us at school!xx


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