9 months old

Happy 9 months birthday baby Aiden!!

So Aiden is 9 months old today, can`t possibly imagine that in 3 short months he will be a year old!!

9 months seems to be a fun age, as his crazy happy personality is shining through. He loves to entertain other people with his facial expressions and noises, and is becoming an expert in manipulation (getting just what he wants when he wants it!)

Here is what has been happening in the last month...

- separation anxiety - it takes him much longer to warm up to strangers than it did before (especially men), and he often cries when I leave the room (even if others are there with him.

- sleep - still no improvement, but he is able to be moved to a bed or couch after falling asleep and will stay there to nap during the day (freeing up my tired arms).

- baa baa sounds and lots of noise - aaaaah!

- passing toys back and forth to other people - he enjoys `giving` his toys to other people for a few seconds and then grins when he gets them back.

- objecting to toys being taken away - when he picks up and plays with things he shouldn`t (cords, pens, tools etc.) and I take them away, he cries a little; so I have to have something else to give him pretty quickly!

- standing for a few seconds at a time - without any conscious effort on his part, he has taken his hands off the things he was using for support and stood for a few seconds. I think the main reason he sits/falls down is in reaction to a big gasp from me!

- sucking his own feet

- exploring new places and new sensations - this month Aiden had his first experience with real grass, and sand in Australia and NZ. He also LOVED the sand and water combination at the hotel pool. Of course all stray leaves, blades of grass and clumps of sand went straight in his mouth!

- Christmas - Aiden had his first experience with Christmas as we opened presents in Japan and in NZ with family. As with most babies he preferred the wrapping paper to the gift inside!

- the army crawl has gone completely and has been replaced by the much faster on-all-fours crawl

- teeth - his first tooth started breaking through yesterday... and it seems to be taking its painful time :( 


  1. They are growing up so fast, where does the time go?!

    I bought that nursery rhymes book for Little S when we were in the UK! I loved the illustrations but thought the quality of the singing on the CD was sorely lacking...what did you think? I accidentally left the cd in my dad's car when I returned it to him, can't say I'm too devastated about that ;)

  2. Agree totally :) who are those terrible singers?? Great spotting that book in the background of the picture though! Sorry to hear that little S is having teething issues too... Are you going to stick with bf-ing?

  3. Yeah, it was just the once, I think when she was in a lot of pain from her tooth - she hasn't done it again since so hopefully it's not going to be a common thing. Even if she does start doing it again I think she's old enough to learn that doing it will very quickly lead to no more milk for the time being ;)

    I commented to my mum that the cd was sung entirely by people whose mums once told them that they were good at singing ;)

  4. congraz!!! He is such a adorable boy ne!!


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