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Butter is goooood :)

Saw this on FB today and had to repost...

MT Japan

MT is an abbreviation of Masking Tape (hmmm how exciting I hear you say) and is one of the latest `trends` in Japan. They even have a Facebook page.

A famous masking tape producer here listened to customer`s voices (especially the females) who asked why masking tape couldn't be more kawaii (cute), and started producing a line of cute tape.

It has become a multi billion yen side business!

This is some of the tape they produce...

And it is used for decorating, wrapping, scrapbooking, collaging and much more. It peels off easily and can be written on, making it more versatile than regular cello-tape.

You can buy it in lots of different stores (like LOFT, BIC camera, Tokyu Hands...) or online in stores like Amazon jp.

They cost around 500yen for a pack of 3 or around 2,000yen for a pack of 20.

Have fun :)

Life back in Japan

We (Aiden and I) got back to chilly Japan last Wednesday and have been pretty busy unpacking and settling back into life. Aiden`s first tooth is about 3mm through his bottom gum, and looks to be causing him less stress than before... Time will tell if tooth #2 is as rough on the poor wee guy.

Last Thursday Aiden, Yoshi and I went to Ishikiri shrine for Hatsumode (the year`s first shrine visit). Ishikiri is our `local` shrine, and it is really beautiful, it is also famous for its powers in healing tumors and boils. 

We threw our coins, prayed, and took our omikuji (fortune slips) for the new year. Yoshi`s fortune was really lucky, Aiden`s was quite lucky, and mine was a little lucky. Not too bad I suppose. Aiden and I tied our fortune slips alongside others for better luck.

We went to our first `Mama and baby yoga` class on Monday which was fun. There was only one other mama and baby team, so it was a very personalized lesson! The other baby was about 5 months old and didn't enjoy her…

16/1/2012; a kind of anniversary

Today Aiden is 40 weeks and 3 days old. Pretty random, but that is how long he was inside my belly! So he has now been on the outside as long as he was on the inside!! Am I the only one who thinks that is pretty cool? haha ;)

To celebrate this veeeery special day, here are some recent pics of my gorgeous little man...

Goldstein`s baby language studies

I have been reading a book while staying here in NZ... `Nurture Shock`  by Po Bryson and Ashley Merrym (here is a link to an excerpt from the book if you are interested).

The book is definitely educational and also psychological, the two things I am very passionate about and spent most of my university years studying. The central premise of the book is that many of modern society’s strategies for nurturing children arein fact backfiring – because key twists in the science have been overlooked.

One of the most interesting things that I have read about so far is the way in which babies learn languages. This is something I am really interested in as I hope Aiden will become bilingual in English and Japanese naturally.

I (and many other mums and dads) believed that exposing a child to hundreds of words is the best way for him/her to learn to recognize and speak them... in fact, there is much more going on inside our babies` heads, and there are definitely more ways to help (and hinder) langu…

Beach Boy

We spent a few hours at Ocean Beach (Hawkes Bay, NZ) on Thursday with Aiden.

It was his first time to see the ocean close up and he even took a dip! He loved the water and wasn't afraid of the waves at all. 

Unfortunately there were a few blue bottles (jellyfish) in the shallow water, so we couldn't stay in too long. But lots of fun in the sun, and he fell straight asleep when we walked off the beach to the car.

He sure is a kiwi nature baby!!

Blue Ivy Carter

Congratulations to Beyonce and Jay-Z on their new baby girl Blue Ivy Carter!!

Say what you will about her unconventional name, but this baby is already making music history as the youngest person ever on the billboard charts...

She's not even a week old, but Blue Ivy Carter is already making music history. Billboard says that thanks to her dad, Jay-Z, featuring her on his new song, "Glory," Blue becomes the youngest person to ever appear on its chart. Jay-Z released the song about his first-born child with wife Beyonce on Monday, and it immediately became a viral sensation. The song, which credits B.I.C., features the sound of Blue's cries at the end. The song's refrain is "The most amazing feeling I feel/Words can't describe what I'm feeling for real/ Maybe I paint the sky blue/My greatest creation was you. You. Glory." Now, the song will enter Billboard's chart next week at No. 74. Blue was born Saturday, and her parents confirmed her birth Monda…


Have you heard of this iPhone / iPod application?

Versaries counts little anniversaries in your life which is really neat, not only to celebrate with others, but to remind yourself that every day is special in its own little way.

Yesterday was 1 and 1/2 years since Yoshi and I got married! Yay :)

And on March 21st this year, Aiden will become 500,000 minutes old!

Here is Apple`s description of the app...

Experience time in unexpected ways with the Versaries™ app. Versaries Interactive Time Machine will uncover once-in-a-lifetime special occasions that would otherwise go unnoticed. Versary™ Milestones happen all around us – whether it's the 1 Billionth Second since you were born, the exact moment when you have been married longer than you were single, or a milestone moment until your retirement - the Versaries app lets you discover Versary Milestones worth celebrating.

It sure is cute, and best of all? It is free!

9 months old

Happy 9 months birthday baby Aiden!!
So Aiden is 9 months old today, can`t possibly imagine that in 3 short months he will be a year old!!

9 months seems to be a fun age, as his crazy happy personality is shining through. He loves to entertain other people with his facial expressions and noises, and is becoming an expert in manipulation (getting just what he wants when he wants it!)
Here is what has been happening in the last month...
- separation anxiety - it takes him much longer to warm up to strangers than it did before (especially men), and he often cries when I leave the room (even if others are there with him.
- sleep - still no improvement, but he is able to be moved to a bed or couch after falling asleep and will stay there to nap during the day (freeing up my tired arms).
- baa baa sounds and lots of noise - aaaaah!
- passing toys back and forth to other people - he enjoys `giving` his toys to other people for a few seconds and then grins when he gets them back.
- objecting to toys …

Aiden and Katia

Aiden met a new friend recently, another international baby (half kiwi and ukranian!).
She is just a month younger than Aiden and they had lots of fun goo-ing and gaa-ing together.


News story - Mama power

I read this article and thought you might like it too;

A widowed teen mom who shot dead one of two intruders on New Year's Eve is being called a "hero" and the "Make My Day Mom" by the media – and the surviving burglar has been charged with murder. 

But Sarah McKinley, 18, who fended off the intruders with her late husband's shotgun and pistol, modestly says she only did what was necessary to protect her 3-month-old son. 

"Obviously when somebody breaks into your house with a deadly weapon, they're not here for anything good," McKinley tells NewsOK. "But I am very sorry and it wasn't anything I wanted to do." 

McKinley showed tremendous composure and maturity during an unimaginable holiday season that started when her husband Kenneth died of lung cancer Christmas Day and ended when two burglars, reportedly looking for any pain medications left behind, started slamming at the doors of her Blanchard, Okla. mobile home on Dec. 31. 


Outtakes from the New Year card

2012 is the year of the dragon here in Japan, so we dressed Aiden in a dragon costume and took him to the roof garden at Nishinomiya Gardens shopping centre where we took pics for the New Year card.
Too cute!!

Happy New Year everyone :)

Happy New Year 2012

Happy New Year everyone!!
I am currently in NZ staying with my mum, so haven't been too inspired to blog - preferring instead to soak up the summer sun and play with Aiden outside on the grass and sand :)
Here is a copy of the nengajo (New Year card) we sent out to our friends and family to celebrate the start of 2012 - the year of the dragon.

Do you like Aiden`s dragon suit?