Race day

On Saturday, we woke up really early to accompany Yoshi on a drive to Himeji. We drove in convoy with the other members of staff from his company to Central Circuit, a car racing track right in the middle of Japan (the nearby town of Nishiwaki calls itself 日本のへそ Japan`s belly button!!)

The mechanic from Yoshi`s company was taking part in a drag race, so we all came along to support him!

Here are some pics from our day out...

1. Aiden `driving` the car at the rest stop.

2. Aiden and daddy at the race circuit.

3. Fast cars.

Noisy and cold, but lots of fun!! And we saw our first snowfall of the season :)


  1. sounds like great fun - love Aiden's earmuffs.
    Hope you all had a lovely Christmas.


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