Pancakes in Osaka

I have blogged before about Mog Pancakes (Kyobashi Osaka) and I recently found another pancake cafe in Namba!

This cafe is named Porco and the character on all the signs and menus is a pig, which certainly doesn`t make you feel any better for stuffing your face with sugar filled delights, but, it is a nice cafe. The table decorations are very cute too.

Porco`s pancake menu include;

Blueberry cream cheese Pancakes ブルーベリークリームチーズパンケーキ

Scrambled egg and bacon Pancakes スクランブルエッグとベーコンのパンケーキ

...and many more; caramel pancakes, stewed apple and tea pancakes, plain pancakes with butter, pancakes sprinkled with green tea powder, and other sweet and savory varieties.

They also serve hot and cold drinks, and slices of chiffon cake too.

The cafe is located on the 8th floor right next to the cinema complex, so is probably very busy in the evenings and on weekends, but the 2 times (yes 2 times!!) I have been there were on weekdays in the early afternoon and it was easy to get a table (for 4 adults and 2 babies!)

The staff don't speak English, but made an effort to communicate with us nonetheless.

Overall, I would have to say that I preferred Mog`s pancakes because they were a bit fluffier and the portions were a bit more generous :)

* Porco and Mog have some japanese customer reviews and photos on the restaurant website Tabelog 食べログ.


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