My weekend of fun and friends

Have just arrived home from another busy day out of the house! Aiden had a great time on the train ride home - as usual - charming the ladies seated on either side of us, holding their hands, touching their clothes and bags, and even trying to chew on one of their beautifully manicured fingers!

On Saturday Aiden and I attended an `eco baby shower` for 3 pregnant members of one of the `Meetup` groups I belong to. All 3 are due to give birth in the next few weeks, and other members kindly donated/swapped/shared some of their old baby stuff (clothes, books, etc) to make things a bit easier for the mums-to-be. It was a lot of fun and nice to meet even more foreign mums living here in Osaka!

On Sunday I met up with my friend Z who was about to return home to the UK for the holidays. It was really nice to catch up over a coffee (or tea latte in our case), and share some good news, happy stories, and for me to have a bit of a whinge about my life haha :)

As usual, Aiden caused a bit of a stir in the cafe... we were seated next to a group of Japanese girls (I assume they were in high school, but they could well have been in their 30s) who soon stopped what they were doing and decided looking at Aiden and whispering about him amongst themselves was much more fun. One of them even took his picture and they all squealed when he smiled. I do wonder what would happen if we moved out of Japan some day and Aiden stopped being `special` just because he is `ha-fu` (half = bi-racial).

And today I met up with my friend K who treated me to lunch!! Thanks again :) We had the lunch special at an italian cafe in Umeda which consisted of a plate of pasta, a drink, and 2 options from the dessert menu (after the pasta we were a bit full to really enjoy the desserts, but we sure gave it our best effort!!)

I am a bit tired from my busy week, but much prefer things this way... being stuck inside our small room with an increasingly genki and mobile baby can be ever so slightly frustrating!



  1. 'ever so slightly frustrating' - well done. I'm pretty sure I would have sworn in that sentence :)
    Sounds like some fun trips out though. The eco baby shower to give away used baby stuff sounds like a fabulous idea.
    And had to laugh - high school or 30, sometimes so hard to tell.


  2. Thanks GW, and welcome back. I`ll be heading back to NZ for a few weeks in January, and stay with my mum in the Bay for a while too... can't wait for that HB wine :)

  3. managed to eat everything one-handed! Of course Aiden is a star, would be the same anywhere else in the world x


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