English speaking hair-stylists in Osaka

Just what the title says. I`ve had a few emails recently asking about where one can find English speaking hair-stylists around Osaka.

So I have compiled a list. Have you been to any of these places? Or any other places? Help out my readers by commenting below if you don`t mind.

KSNY Nakatsu, Osaka - Hiroshi and Keiko lived and worked in New York. First time visitors (English speaking) get a 20% discount.

Salone di Luca Wakaeiwata, Osaka - Yuhei lived and worked in Australia and does a great job with non-japanese hair.

Craive Shinsaibashi, Osaka - the website tells us that first time visitors get 20% off all services.

B2C Umeda, Osaka - the website is in English, but it doesn`t state if the staff can speak English or not.

Noriko is an English speaking hairstylist who works in Shinsaibashi.


Raddis Osaka (near USJ) is well known among the female community here in Osaka. Raddi does lots of beauty treatments including Brazillian waxing :)

*nb I was not sponsored in anyway to write this post. I have personal experience with KSNY and Salone di Luca (as well as Raddis Osaka) and am very happy to recommend them to my readers.


  1. hi; great blog. i sky art make is almost all in japanese. even the inquirey page. i can't even inquire. marian

    1. Thanks, yes, it seems they have changed their website and information. I will update the blog post to reflect that!!


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