Baby things we love 6m+

I love it when other mummy-bloggers do these kinds of posts, so I thought I`d do one too (... hehe such a follower).

These are things that we use everyday and that definitely make our lives easier; happy baby = happy mummy!!

High chair.
Although Aiden has just recently got into the swing of eating and enjoying it, we have been using this Ikea high chair at least once a day, even just to give him his snacks. I hate it when kids walk/run around while they are eating, so I am hoping that this will teach him to sit down while eating.

Sippy cup.
Combi makes sippy cups that helps baby make a smooth transition from bottle (with a teat) to cup (with a straw). I am using the Combi Teteo range with Aiden and love it.

Teething feeder.
Great way to give baby whole, fresh, age appropriate foods, while reducing the risk of choking.

Stroller liner.
Good in winter and summer, and helps to keep baby protected from the hard/uncomfortable base of the stroller. It was hard to find a liner that fit our Mountain Buggy but this one (I bought it from Amazon) does the trick.

Stroller footmuff.
These are available in Japan and come in every design and color under the sun. They are a bit pricey, and some of them are padded like feather-down jackets... it isn`t really THAT cold in Osaka. I liked this one (the Buggy Snuggle) when I found it on Amazon, but buying it direct from the UK maker was MUCH cheaper.

Play gym.
This is the version of the play mat for babies who are learning to sit and stand. Tiny babies can lie under it too I suppose, but the plastic pipe legs might be a bit annoying for babies who like to roll around. Aiden can pull himself to stand using this and it doesn`t wobble too much. The music that ours (Combi melody gym) plays is very loud and a bit annoying, so if you can listen to the `melodies` before you buy it, that would be a good idea.

The O-ball.
It seems like every stroller in Japan has one of these attached, but I can see why. Perfect for little hands (and mouths), it keeps Aiden entertained when he is a bit fussy in the stroller - actually he has loved it since he was about 2months old, so don't put this one off... buy it now!

Sensory balls.
Also perfect for little hands, these balls are covered with rubber bumps and spikes making them easy to hold/chew and even be massaged by. Aiden loves them. We got ours from Costco, but you can probably get them online too.

*I wasn't sponsored in anyway to review these products and all opinions are my own, from personal experience,


  1. Thanks for the ideas! We went to costco yesterday and picked up the balls for Mirai's christmas present. I love the little tips you give, they are helpful :)


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