8 months old!

So Aiden became 8 months old yesterday! As a blogger friend pointed out recently, 8 months is 2/3 of a year! Where has the time gone?

As usual there has been lots of biting, licking and sucking... but no teeth yet;

There has been a little bit of improvement on the sleeping front, but he will only take daytime naps in my lap (or in the sling / car seat)...

He is pulling up to stand on EVERYTHING, and even cruising around low tables and low sofas (which abound in japanese homes).

He sometimes crawls around on his hands and knees, but usually prefers the army crawl because it is much faster.

He is definitely exploring objects, by picking them up, dropping them, throwing them, and of course gumming them!

He is learning to communicate using screams and yells (rather than whimpering cries) - which always get my attention!

Aiden`s food intake is finally on the up! He now eats yogurt and 2 baby senbei (crackers) every day around lunchtime, and then something else around dinner time too! His pincer grip needs some work, but he can manage to pick up small crackers pretty well.

He had his first experience in a swing last week. It was a bit cold and windy so didn`t last long, but he had a lot of fun...

* these baby swings are really rare in Japan! is there one near where you live?

We are starting to understand each other more and more and getting into some very rough daily routines. I have to remember to enjoy these little moments because he`ll be walking and running and off to school before I know it!!


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