35 years of snuggly babies

This adorable woolly outfit has been in Yoshi`s family for more than 35 years! His older brother A-san wore it when he was a baby, and he is almost 40 now! Yoshi wore it too, and so did his younger brother (T-san) and older sister (R-chan). Yoshi`s 3 siblings are all married with kids, so all the kids (Aiden is the 6th) have worn this outfit too!

By the time it was cold enough for me to dress Aiden in it, it was too small, but I took some pictures anyway - lucky you can`t see his tummy poking out!

Cute and snuggly!


  1. Awwww! This is great, so cute too! I love handmedowns. My mom crocheted me a sweater when I was a baby, and then she sent it for my two. Huge warm and fuzzies come from just looking at it.


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