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Funniest kid videos of 2011

Had to repost this after seeing it on Lil Sugar`s website...

Emerson - the scary sneeze...

Talking twins...
Volkswagen - The force...
Lil Lucian on the cell phone...
Super Bass by Sophia Grace Brownlee...
Baby Laughing at Ripped Paper...
2-Year-old Wakes Up to Waka Flocka...
5-Year-Old Needs a Job Before Getting Married

Too cute :)

Race day

On Saturday, we woke up really early to accompany Yoshi on a drive to Himeji. We drove in convoy with the other members of staff from his company to Central Circuit, a car racing track right in the middle of Japan (the nearby town of Nishiwaki calls itself 日本のへそ Japan`s belly button!!)

The mechanic from Yoshi`s company was taking part in a drag race, so we all came along to support him!

Here are some pics from our day out...

1. Aiden `driving` the car at the rest stop.

2. Aiden and daddy at the race circuit.

3. Fast cars.

Noisy and cold, but lots of fun!! And we saw our first snowfall of the season :)

Merry Christmas!

MerryChristmas everyone!!

Today is a normal work day for Yoshi so unfortunately things are not very festive around here, but Aiden did get a cute new indoor swing from Santa...


Hope you all have a lovely day.

Fran xx

8, 9 and 10 month sleep regression

You know when you are pregnant, or you don't have kids at all; and when you go out, or visit friends and all you see are happy mums pushing their sleeping babies around in strollers, or mums asking you to `shhh please` because baby is napping...

Well, that mum isn`t me, and that baby sure isn't Aiden. It is no secret that we have had our issues with sleep, and our issues in dealing with that lack of sleep, but I recently received an email from The Baby Sleep Site, which offered a possible explanation about our current situation.

Here is an excerpt from that email;

For many of you, you may be wondering what is going on with your 8, 9, or 10 month old's sleep. She may be having more night-wakings or napping very inconsistently. Although you can sometimes start to feel like it's something you're doing wrong, rest assured at least part of it is probably due to another sleep regression. You may want to read this article: 8, 9, or 10 month sleep regression and get some tips…

Celeb babies in 2011

The last time I wrote about celebrity babies, most of the celebs were still pregnant! But now, some of my favorite celebs have had their babies, creating an internet stir with links to fashionable baby clothing stores, trendy strollers and carriers, and of course, pictures of the cute mamas (and papas) and their new babies!

So in no particular order, introducing some of 2011`s cutest celeb bubs...

Pink and her daughter Willow Sage

Jessica Alba and her daughter Haven

Victoria Beckham and her daughter Harper Seven

Orlando Bloom and his son Flynn

Selma Blair and her son Arthur Saint

Tori Spelling and her daughter Hattie Margaret

Alyssa Milano and her son Milo

Devon Aoki and her son James Bailey Jr

Sure looks like a baby boom to me!!

Pancakes in Osaka

I have blogged before about Mog Pancakes (Kyobashi Osaka) and I recently found another pancake cafe in Namba!
This cafe is named Porco and the character on all the signs and menus is a pig, which certainly doesn`t make you feel any better for stuffing your face with sugar filled delights, but, it is a nice cafe. The table decorations are very cute too.

Porco`s pancake menu include;
Blueberry cream cheese Pancakes ブルーベリークリームチーズパンケーキ

Scrambled egg and bacon Pancakes スクランブルエッグとベーコンのパンケーキ

...and many more; caramel pancakes, stewed apple and tea pancakes, plain pancakes with butter, pancakes sprinkled with green tea powder, and other sweet and savory varieties.
They also serve hot and cold drinks, and slices of chiffon cake too.
The cafe is located on the 8th floor right next to the cinema complex, so is probably very busy in the evenings and on weekends, but the 2 times (yes 2 times!!) I have been there were on weekdays in the early afternoon and it was easy to get a table (for 4 adults and 2 ba…

Baby things we love 6m+

I love it when other mummy-bloggers do these kinds of posts, so I thought I`d do one too (... hehe such a follower).

These are things that we use everyday and that definitely make our lives easier; happy baby = happy mummy!!

High chair.
Although Aiden has just recently got into the swing of eating and enjoying it, we have been using this Ikea high chair at least once a day, even just to give him his snacks. I hate it when kids walk/run around while they are eating, so I am hoping that this will teach him to sit down while eating.

Sippy cup.
Combi makes sippy cups that helps baby make a smooth transition from bottle (with a teat) to cup (with a straw). I am using the Combi Teteo range with Aiden and love it.

Teething feeder.
Great way to give baby whole, fresh, age appropriate foods, while reducing the risk of choking.

Stroller liner.
Good in winter and summer, and helps to keep baby protected from the hard/uncomfortable base of the stroller. It was hard to find a liner that fit our Mountain Bu…

A view of the moon

So there was an eclipse of the moon (lunar eclipse) a few nights ago, did you see it? 

I missed it unfortunately, but when looking online to find nice pictures of it, I came across this cute series of photographs taken of a full moon.

Isn`t it pretty?

I love it how some people are so creative... why do their brains work so differently to mine?

Check this out... a ladder to the moon (based on the chinese character for moon - 月)

Sweet ♡

English speaking hair-stylists in Osaka

Just what the title says. I`ve had a few emails recently asking about where one can find English speaking hair-stylists around Osaka.

So I have compiled a list. Have you been to any of these places? Or any other places? Help out my readers by commenting below if you don`t mind.

KSNY Nakatsu, Osaka - Hiroshi and Keiko lived and worked in New York. First time visitors (English speaking) get a 20% discount.

Salone di Luca Wakaeiwata, Osaka - Yuhei lived and worked in Australia and does a great job with non-japanese hair.

Craive Shinsaibashi, Osaka - the website tells us that first time visitors get 20% off all services.

B2C Umeda, Osaka - the website is in English, but it doesn`t state if the staff can speak English or not.

Noriko is an English speaking hairstylist who works in Shinsaibashi.


Raddis Osaka (near USJ) is well known among the female community here in Osaka. Raddi does lots of beauty treatments including Brazillian waxing :)

*nb I was not sponsored in anyway to write this post.…

My weekend of fun and friends

Have just arrived home from another busy day out of the house! Aiden had a great time on the train ride home - as usual - charming the ladies seated on either side of us, holding their hands, touching their clothes and bags, and even trying to chew on one of their beautifully manicured fingers!

On Saturday Aiden and I attended an `eco baby shower` for 3 pregnant members of one of the `Meetup` groups I belong to. All 3 are due to give birth in the next few weeks, and other members kindly donated/swapped/shared some of their old baby stuff (clothes, books, etc) to make things a bit easier for the mums-to-be. It was a lot of fun and nice to meet even more foreign mums living here in Osaka!

On Sunday I met up with my friend Z who was about to return home to the UK for the holidays. It was really nice to catch up over a coffee (or tea latte in our case), and share some good news, happy stories, and for me to have a bit of a whinge about my life haha :)

As usual, Aiden caused a bit of a stir i…

神戸ルミナリエ Kobe Luminarie 2011

Luminarie is held annually in Kobe (celebrated since December 1995 - the year of the large Hanshin earthquake), and is a favorite event for japanese couples who like to stroll the illuminated streets taking pictures and eating delicious street food.

This year we took Aiden to see the lights...

But he slept most of the way...

8 months old!

So Aiden became 8 months old yesterday! As a blogger friend pointed out recently, 8 months is 2/3 of a year! Where has the time gone?
As usual there has been lots of biting, licking and sucking... but no teeth yet;

There has been a little bit of improvement on the sleeping front, but he will only take daytime naps in my lap (or in the sling / car seat)...

He is pulling up to stand on EVERYTHING, and even cruising around low tables and low sofas (which abound in japanese homes).

He sometimes crawls around on his hands and knees, but usually prefers the army crawl because it is much faster.
He is definitely exploring objects, by picking them up, dropping them, throwing them, and of course gumming them!
He is learning to communicate using screams and yells (rather than whimpering cries) - which always get my attention!
Aiden`s food intake is finally on the up! He now eats yogurt and 2 baby senbei (crackers) every day around lunchtime, and then something else around dinner time too! His pincer g…

The German Christmas Market in Osaka

Every year there is a German Christmas Market held in Umeda (Osaka) underneath the Umeda Sky Building.

I have been each year for the past few years to look around the cute stalls and drink delicious mulled wine. It is free to enter, but kids` rides on the carousel and train, and of course food, drinks, and souvenirs are a little expensive.

This year I met up with some of the foreign mums I met through a `Meetup` group here in Kansai and we wandered around together with our babies and chatted.

I didn`t drink any mulled wine this year (one of the pitfalls of breastfeeding), but did enjoy a german sausage and some crispy bread snacks (sorry I forgot their name).

Fun fun!

Best of all?? I spotted Steven Tyler (vocalist from Aerosmith) who was in town with the band for a concert. It was the first time I have ever seen a celebrity in the flesh!! Tres exciting :)