Too funny not to post

I know everyone has been posting this on Facebook for the past month or so, but just in case you haven`t seen it... I think it is too funny not to post.

Basically, when you write messages using your iPhone, the inbuilt technology changes the words to make them `correct`, a bit like predictive text messaging on some cell-phones.

The funny thing is that some of the words it chooses are not really `correct` at all, and some of them are downright hilarious. People who have sent or received these messages sometimes forward them onto a website called `Damn you autocorrect` so that the whole world can have a good laugh.




  1. I had to stop reading these the other day - was lying down with Little S and laughing do hard I was dangerously close to waking her up. It was he killed her in the woods one that almost sent me over the edge!

  2. these are funny. i gotta share these with my friends. LoL

  3. mom is so funny. btw i understand that kind of mom. LoL

  4. Great giggles, I knew there was a reason I turn autocorrect off!


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