Play yard? (プレイヤード)

So this is our new toy...

After Aiden tried to stand up inside his crib and fell backwards smacking his head onto the opposite railings, I vowed to never put my baby in such a dangerous situation again. Granted, I cannot keep my eyes on him every second of the day, but as he grows and starts standing up everywhere, I need to do my best to keep him safe.

He doesn`t sleep in the crib anyway, so it was an easy decision to dismantle it and put it back into storage.

I still needed somewhere safe to put him when I do laundry or run to the bathroom. And when he is a bit older and can nap somewhere other than my lap (or curled up next to me in my bed), then I need somewhere safe that he can`t roll off or escape from.

The perfect solution was a portacot (or play yard = プレイヤード in japanese). If you have ever tried to buy one of these, you would have found that there are hundreds of options, ranging from simple cages, to vibrating cribs with rocking bassinets and diaper changing stations.

Since Aiden is old enough to climb out of a bassinet, we didn`t need that option, and instead chose a simple, relatively portable crib that doubles as a play pen for when I need Aiden somewhere safe.

Actually there isn`t much choice when buying portacots here in Japan. The main brand available is Graco, but because they are imported from the US, the costs are more than double those abroad.

I chose a japanese brand `Katoji` which produces a line of baby goods called New York Baby. I ordered it through amazon (4,000yen cheaper than from the maker) and it arrived last night. It is really easy to put up and weighs about 12kg, meaning that if we had to take it away on vacation it would`t be too hard to lug around. It fits inside a carry bag and has 2 wheels, meaning that it can be moved around when it is folded up too.

Aiden wasn`t scared to go inside it, probably because it has 3 mesh sides, so he could still see out of it, and it is really soft and welcoming. I would`t mind taking a nap in there!!


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