Hijiki Senbei

So while babies around the world tuck into their strawberry, apple, and vegetable flavored crackers and rusks, today Aiden tried his first Japanese snack!

Called senbei (rice crackers), they are good for babies because they stay relatively solid while babies suck and chew on them.

Today`s senbei was hijiki flavored. Hijiki is a brown seaweed that grows on rocky coastlines (around Japan, Korea and China) and is a popular (and healthy) side dish to many meals in Japan. These senbei (made by Pigeon), are calcium enriched and made for babies aged 6 months and over.

Here are some pics from Aiden`s first hijiki cracker experience...

 What`s this mummy?
 It feels hard, and I can bang it on the high chair!
 Mmmmm, shall I taste it?
 Here goes...
 So far so good...
 Wait, what is that strange flavor?
 Yuckkkkk! It tastes like...
 Ok, I`ll try again
 Well, maybe it`s ok
 Maybe not...
 Mummm! This is gross!
 Is there anything else?
Please!! Anything!!


  1. haha I absolutely love the play by play of his first experience! He is very expressive!

    Will you try ordering or having family send some NZ style baby snacks?

  2. Haha love the expressions! Has he taken to them any more? Was thinking about buying some for little S but maybe not judging by his reaction ;)

  3. He liked them a little more the second time, but they sure are sticky and messy once they`ve been sucked on a little. We found the plain *haihain* crackers went down a bit better, and they seem to dissolve once they get wet, so much easy to clean up. Aiden also seems to like the snacks made by Pigeon (kabocha balls). He won`t eat anything mushy or pureed, so having him eat a few snacks here and there makes me feel a bit better.


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