Get up stand up!

So Aiden has perfected the art of pulling up to standing - and all before his 8-month birthday... a wee bit too fast for my liking.

I can't take my eyes off him for a second, or he will be pulling up to stand on something very inappropriate (like a cat) or very dangerous (like a flimsy plastic washing basket full of dirty laundry)...

 Look mum! A dirty sock :)

p.s. don`t tell Yoshi I dressed Aiden in Miki House... I think he has some trauma from wearing it as a boy and refuses to let Aiden suffer the same fate... but Aiden`s only 7 months old... I am sure he won`t remember!


  1. I wonder what it is he doesn't like about Miki House? Could you ask him sneakily? I'll ask Tak tonight if he wore it as a child... i wore hand-me-downs from my BROTHER so give away all Brent's clothing as he grows out of it ;P

  2. Yay for Aiden but sad for you, so much more work! ;)

    I wonder what's wrong with Miki House too? Is there some sneaky gossip?

  3. Nothing bad... I just think that was ALL he wore when he was young and he's had enough of it!! Some of their stuff is cute but waaaay overpriced, so the ones Aiden has are hand-me-downs from his cousins. I am a nervous wreck now Aiden is standing... Can't sit down and relax anymore :)


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